I have a DM motorsport triple disc clutch and flywheel set-up with less than 4K miles on it. Very little to no wear on the friction plates, and is fully operational. This clutch was on an R23T making less than 400 whp and never saw any clutch drops, track days, or abuse.
I was going to hold onto this unit to replace my clutch when it is time, but I need the money now....
I am asking $1200 but am very open to offers. This clutch and flywheel sells for over $2000 new and can be completely rebuilt down the road. This is a clutch set-up that has been proven to hold 1000whp but has a slightly harsher pedal and engagement from stock. There are people who DD this set-up without issue.
Email me directly at Snowman81@comcast.net
Looking for a quick sale if possible.

I know this is not a Classifieds section of the forum, but this clutch set-up can hold the power for you drag racers....who needs it? Who has experiences running it?