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    Thread: Wrecked 2000 golf TDI

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      Mar 21st, 2008
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      2000 Golf TDI
      07-02-2012 01:09 PM #1
      I had a front end collision with my 2 door Golf TDI. The engine still runs, I had to turn it off myself after the crash. The battery was smashed along with the front end. Doors back the car is mint. 128,000 as of now, always ran full synthetic and changed it every 4-5k. This car ran like a top and I miss it already.

      Ill work with people on the price but I am looking to get $3,700 for the whole car. I will part somethings out, but the engine / transmission goes with the car.

      At 86K the following work was done:
      VNT-17VB Upgraded Turbo
      Cleaned out intake manifold
      Timing kit
      Clutch Kit
      Front main seal
      Real main Seal
      Water pump
      dog bone mount
      Catalytic converter
      fuel injectors
      Fuel Filter
      Glow pugs
      Glow plug Harness
      valve cover gasket
      TT control arm bushings
      Braided stainless brake cables.
      More that I cant remember...

      Black cloth seats, manual windows, upgraded speakers, long beaches fairly new tires, other stuff.

      Looking to sell the whole car as is (will have salvage title), I'm sure I don't have to tell you guys how great TDI's are, but this was a well maintained car.

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