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    Thread: Boost Gauge stuck on zero

    1. Semi-n00b
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      May 30th, 2010
      00/Audi/S4 02/Audi/S4 04/VW/R32
      07-02-2012 05:17 PM #1
      I have a 2000 Stage 3(untuned) Audi S4. I recently just changed my clutch on the car. While going though that my MAF decided to take a ****. I have the upgrade Hitachi MAF so I have to order one. As of now I'm running with no MAF and I'm aware of what or more or less how it will run without one. When I went to drive my car today I noticed my boost gauge stayed at zero. When I went to drive the turbos didnt spool like usual but I hear moy BOV when over 4500 rpm....Someone told me it was my N75 stuck open...but I just wanna hear some feedback before I randomly buy parts I dont need.

    2. Junior Member
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      Jun 12th, 2010
      Las Vegas, NV
      MK6 GLI /Stage 3 C5 A6
      08-15-2012 10:20 AM #2
      You need a new maf before anything, otherwise you cannot be tuned.

      Also, you may want to do a compression check. You should be boosting at a good 5 psi with the maf un plugged. What codes do you have? Un plug your N75 from the electrical and see if you boost between 10-12 psi and report back.
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