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    Thread: 2000 Audi A6 2.7t 6SPD Central Texas 5400 OBO

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      07-02-2012 08:40 PM #1
      Excuse any "Retard Proof" speak, this is the Identical post I put in craigslist to dumb shet down for people.

      2000 Audi A6 2.7t V6 Twin Turbo Quattro

      189k Miles (90% highway miles, body and interior shows that)

      Reflex Silver Exterior
      Blue Leather Interior

      -Lots of recent work, replaced all coilpacks with newer style coilpacks($600)
      -Brand new Bosch Platinum Side-Fire spark plugs($70)
      -K&N Drop in filter ($80)
      -Rebuilt the entire crankcase breathing system with new 250psi hose($50)
      -Valve cover gaskets in the last 100 miles($90)
      -upgraded diverter valves($80)
      -Lowered tastefully (not slammed) on H&R Springs/ Eibach Struts (Smooth, clean ride even over bumps)($1400)
      -APR Tuned ECU (93 Octane tune takes it to 318hp/340ish ft/lbs of TQ)($600)
      -Seats 5 people, but seats 4 people COMFORTABLY.
      -Almost brand new tires, around 8k miles on them($800)
      -CLEANNNNN car, some slight blemishes on the body from its age, pictures dont even show them because they are hard to see
      -No sunroof (lighter car than others, no worrying about Texas Heat soaking into your car during the day!)
      -Adult owned/Driven its entire life
      -Very little rust, some on the suspension but I have an entirely new set of Control arms/Tie rods that are HEAVY DUTY to go along with the car (I bought them with plans to keep the car but now have a new DD)
      -TWIN TURBO! This car is FAST and the AWD sytem locks in and keeps traction, even in snow! This is the perfect car for someone looking for a sleeper or fun DD that can fit the family safely!
      -Oil Changes done every 3-4k with Mobil 1 Synthetic 0w-40 (another 2k miles until it needs another change)
      -MANUAL TRANSMISSION! This is a pretty rare thing to have in the A6, most of them came with the Automatic-Tiptronic transmissions which just aren't nearly as fun.
      -This car has been my baby, I have treated her just like I would treat a human being. I clean her once a week on the interior and wash/wax twice a month (generally every payday she gets a wash), I have never raced/tracked the car or hotrodded it around, no hard shifts or chirping tires. The engine/transmission is as solid as Audi makes them, and are good to last another 200k miles at least! This is one hell of a car, I hope whoever gets it appreciates its uniqueness/beauty.
      -I have a set of AWE Tuning Exhaust Manifolds to go along with the car, they need to be sandblasted and then rewelded in a couple small spots but these are worth almost $3000 alone!
      -Brand new battery just installed last week!
      -All vacuum lines that needed replaced have been replaced, along with hose clamps!

      -Drivers rear brake caliper siezed up, have replacement to put on just need the time/place to do it (will be done before car is sold though!)
      -Drivers side front upper control arm locking bolt was cut when the shop was attempting to put on the springs/struts but it was siezed in there. The bolt is still in place, I have put 5000 miles on it in its current condition and it does not worry me at all but there is a complete suspension replacement (All upper/lower control arms, sway bar links, tie-rod ends) that are HEAVY DUTY that will come with the car if the person who buys it deems it neccesary to fix the problem (Brinks who just leased out the SoulSpeed shop told me it would cost about 350ish to have the suspension swapped on by him including alignment).
      -Drivers side front fender has a small scratch of blue paint on it just above the wheel, came out from the bar one night and someone had "touched" it with their car. No dent, it might even scrape off, but its still there.
      -Drivers Door lower moulding on the outside is slightly pulled off towards the back of the car, barely noticeable unless you know what you are looking for.
      -Small scratches on the trunk from where some kid sat on the car with his damn studded belt, they SHOULD buff out, but they are barely noticeable as well.

      I recently drove this back and forth from Killen to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina with NO PROBLEMS, and I would not hesitate to do so again. Timing belt and water pump were replaced @ 160k miles and will be good for another 30k miles at a minimum. The car does have its quirks, the rear passenger window kind of squeals a little when rolling down, and the drivers side window needs to be adjusted to roll up and down properly. The center console cup holder is broken because I cant keep my hands to myself XD. The drivers rear brake caliper is siezed and no longer works, I have the part and will be putting it on ASAP, so for the next couple of days I will not let anyone drive it, I will take you for a ride if need be but the brakes dont work 100% because of that caliper.

      I DO NOT NEED to sell this car, but I just recently bought a Nissan 350z as a new Daily and would like to pick up a project. I have found a car in Texas that I want, which is why I am posting this now so offer away!If you look up at my "good" section, you will see the prices of certain things that have recently been done to the car, which is why my asking price is HIGHER than KBB, That and the fact that finding an A6 as clean as this one is going to be nearly impossible. Entertain me with offers, lowballers will get ignored and tirekickers stay away. I will NOT tell you the lowest I will go on the car, you have to OFFER me and if I dont like your offer obviously you wont get the car.

      Located in Killeen, car is available to show today,tomorrow all day and during the week after 6pm. Please email any questions or concerns and I will get back to you ASAP, email goes directly to my phone.
      OEF 10/11 -- Been there, Done that and all I got was my Audi
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      still for sale?

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