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    Thread: A few pictures from my recent trip to Alaska

    1. Member OptimusGlen's Avatar
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      Feb 14th, 2002
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      07-05-2012 11:10 AM #1
      My wife and I lead a group of high school students from our church, it was an amazing time.

      the beach near where we were staying right off Bristol Bay, had a good time tromping around in the mud trying not to get stuck.

      Our view heading out to the beach, across a small section of tundra

      One of the few roads in Dillingham, where we were based for 4 days.

      Another of the beach

      downtown Dillingham

      it was wet a lot

      It's common to see broken down cars in peoples yards.

      fairly clean Caddy

      sweet Toyota for sale

      in Dillingham

      This was our transport while in Dillingham. lifted 4x4 bus.

      great coffee.

      Largest Salmon cannery in the world. I took the tour, pretty interesting.

      large buoy

      more buoys

      Flying to Anchorage

      Sunset in Anchorage lasted a long time. It never really got dark, just a bit darker. This pic was taken around 11 or 12 at night.

      on the road up to see a glacier

      a short hike up to the glacier

      some people being stupid near the cracks.

      my wife and I

      driving back from the glacier

      at camp Polaris

      Partway up the hill (I'd call it a mountain because I'm not in shape, hah)

      no pics from the top, sorry. But it you look close you can see the butt trails from sliding down the shale.

      I hope you enjoyed the photos. These were all taken from by cell, so I'm sorry if they aren't top notch, I'm definitely no professional.

    2. Member deletedo1m's Avatar
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      Jul 9th, 2007
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      07-05-2012 01:27 PM #2
      Nice pics. I hope to make it up there some day.
      Give wildlife a brake! 4TSQ. WV, Almost Heaven. Where are the moose? Save the Frogs!. Save the whales. I birds. Iron City

    3. Junior Member theconstantrambler's Avatar
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      Aug 27th, 2012
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      10-14-2012 11:19 AM #3
      The pics are amazing! We are headed up there right now! Can't wait to see Inland AK!

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