Im sure there are a million of these, but I get so excited doing anything to my GTI so why not. Lamin-x gives a pretty good tutorial themselves on application, but i wanted to show a gti specific application..

Stock GTI for the most part...

find a shady spot...dont want to do this in the Florida sun

fogs on

closer view

some items you will need. water, razor, and lamin-x of course. The instructions provided said that for small applications such as this you would not need to use water, but i found it much easier with water

clean fogs real well. any bug guts or dirt/mud you definitely want to remove

go ahead and open laminx package and separate each film and set the one you are not applying aside

size it up

wet the fogs and the adhesive side of the film, its better to use a sprayer but i dont own one and was to eager so i just used some bottled water.

place the bottom side down first, and i used a credit card wrapped in a rag to apply and push out the bubbles

push the film into all the edges as best you can

use a razor to cut the excess film and tabs, use the empty space as a guide

my happy helper!

all done!

Thoughts: The application was super simple and easy. You can apply and remove and reapply the film no problem. In retrospect i would definitely use a sprayer for the water instead of just pouring the water on there haphazardly. It worked for the most part but I am certain it would have made it a bit simpler when i needed to reposition the film. Lamin-x says that any tiny bubbles and haze will go away within a couple days to a couple weeks, but if you do a wet application and use a card to smooth out the bubbles while applying it shouldnt be a problem at all!