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    Thread: 86 4000tq for sale in OH... must go!

    1. 07-09-2012 03:05 PM #1
      I'm looking to sell my 86 4000 turbo quattro (4ktq) project...

      A brief history of this car... After doing a lot of research and seeing a good friend build one of the original 4ktq conversions in Seattle, I decided to start my own project in 2003-4. At that time, the 10vt swaps were just then becoming pretty popular and companies like 034 / megasquirt hadn't yet become widespread.

      My goal was to turn my 86 4kq (with 158k original miles) into a quattro turbo daily driver. I began to do a lot of research and collected parts. I decided to swap in a CIS-based MC-1 5ktq engine since the wiring was pretty well documented and the parts were available. As soon as I located the engine I wanted, I rebuilt it (even though as I found out mine didn't need it) and installed new parts wherever I could.

      Here's the details on the car as it sits:

      86 4000 CS Turbo Quattro

      -Rebuilt MC-1 engine with fresh head, rings, bearings, gaskets, etc. This engine has approximately 8k miles on the rebuild.
      -Car is set up to run on the original 5000 turbo engine management (CIS based), however the ECU has been chipped with a QLCC chip
      -powdercoated Urq "igloo" air intake (ex-Swanson piece). The inner fender is not cut.
      -Upgraded wastegate spring (I believe it's 11 psi)
      -K-24 turbo (with 4k miles on it)
      -2Bennett bent tie rod arm (pass side)
      -Setrab oil cooler and custom lines
      -Clutch, pressure plate and slave cylinder were all replaced when the swap took place
      -Currently, the car is running without an intercooler (never got that far with the project)
      -2.25 inch exhaust that connects to modified 5k downpipe

      -Boge turbogas shocks and H&R springs
      -new rear wheel bearings and control arm bushings
      -new rear tie rods
      -new rear ball joints

      -Battery relocated to the rear of vehicle with appropriate cables and junction block on firewall
      -Audi 90 Cabriolet wheels (4 x 108) with almost new Kumho's (NOW SOLD, has stock Audi 4kq Ronal wheels on it).
      -Gauge panel to replace center vent in dash
      -Tan cloth interior. Seats are in ok condition, but may be suffering from being in the sun. OEM stereo
      - EURO headlights (relayed) as shown in the photos
      -body is in good condition except for an area of surface rust on the driver's side rear fender and some general fading due to the sun. I know the paint on the spoiler is faded and no longer bright red for sure.

      Once the swap was completed, I drove the car for around 8000 miles. During this time, I replaced the turbo with a K-24 for more low end punch (still have the original K-26) and tried to work out the bugs in the systems.

      With the chip and the wastegate spring plus the K-24, the car was very quick and satisfying to drive. After a while though I began to have starting issues with the car (related to the CIS system, I believe) and I began to consider EFI.

      Since I knew the engine was solid and broken in, my goal at that point was to get rid of the CIS and go to 034 standalone. I went so far as to assemble some of the misc. parts needed to run standalone (fuel rail, 034 ECU, wiring, 4kq NA intake and TB with TPS). Well...this never happened, the ECU got used on a different project and now it's time to move on.

      Although I'd love to keep this car and give it the time that it needs, I'd rather sell it to someone who'll do something cool with it and get the space / some sort of cash out of it.

      The car is currently NOT running and has not moved in a while. It would probably be best to have this car trailered home so it can be sorted out properly. In theory, you could fix the CIS and run it like that, but at this point, this car should be swapped to standalone, an intercooler installed and enjoyed the way it deserves to be enjoyed. I simply don't have the time to do this at this stage in my life.

      Because I need this thing gone from my current house (selling the place), I'm offering it for the first person with $1500 that comes along. I know that I've spent well over 4-5 times that on this project and I know this car has a lot of potential...but I just don't have room for it right now.

      I'm not to the point of parting this thing out right now. I'd like it to go to someone as is. I'm not interested in trades for other cars, boats, coins or whatever. No low-ballers or tire-kickers, please.

      Here are some pics of the car from late 2006 and some from the initial build. I can take more of the engine bay and various parts soon. The car has been sitting for a few years, so to be realistic, it doesn't look quite as fresh as in these pics.

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    2. Junior Member
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      Apr 21st, 2010
      85 CGT, 87 4kQ, 08 A4A
      07-17-2012 09:25 PM #2
      How long has it sat? Can you get it running with CIS?
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    3. 07-18-2012 09:57 AM #3
      The car hasn't move for a few years. It ran fine on CIS (and quick!) but probably may need some attention to the fuel system after sitting... The starting issue I was having was related (or at least I believe) to the power to the CIS ECU. That should be relatively easy to track down. I just haven't had the ambition or time to work on this in a some time.

      If this doesn't sell soon in the current condition, I'll be dragging it to the shop and trying to get it running / fixing some issues. At that point, the price point will change!

    4. Member danthemanohhyea's Avatar
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      Jun 6th, 2005
      Milwaukee, WI
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      07-18-2012 11:56 AM #4
      Oh man, I was just talking about picking up another 4k that already had a turbo swap done. I got rid of mine half way in to a swap because I couldn't crack the wiring harness swap on my own.

      Where in Ohio is this?

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    5. 07-18-2012 12:03 PM #5
      I know what you mean... the CIS wiring is a bit complicated. Luckily, I had help when I did mine. It's essentially all stock 5000 turbo, complete with diagnostic lights, etc, but the ECU is chipped and has the better WG spring.

      The more I think about this thing, the more I want to get it back running so I can drive it! I remember a snowy night back when I was driving it that I went to a mall parking lot with the diffs locked and had an absolute blast. Giant drifty 4 wheel donuts with the turbo whistling.

      The car is located to the North of Cincinnati.

    6. Member danthemanohhyea's Avatar
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      Jun 6th, 2005
      Milwaukee, WI
      2002 Jetta TDI, 1998 Jetta TDI (for sale)
      07-18-2012 12:13 PM #6
      I know the feeling. I'd have a rush of inspiration to go work on mine, only to get set back by something. That's why I sold it and bought a Mini Cooper S, but it's just not my kind of car.

      I'd have to figure something out, I don't have a way to trailer it home to Wisconsin and at the same time my family is closer to the north-eastern part of Ohio. Not to mention I'd have to sell the Mini Cooper first.

    7. Junior Member RADOinVA's Avatar
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      Jul 4th, 2008
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      07-31-2012 03:10 PM #7
      hello, If your Audi is still available please let me know ASAP.
      Did you get it running good?
      I have a brother that lives in Wooster that could pick up the car from you, im in Colorado Springs.
      Would you except 1200 cash?
      Please contact me @ 719-201-3433 if you would like to sell it to me.. please text me

    8. 08-21-2012 07:53 PM #8
      Is your 4000Q still for sale? I am in Detroit.. and interested. Cheers PM me

    9. 09-08-2012 11:35 PM #9
      still for sale email me oooonly1@hotmail.com

    10. Member AWDb5Dub's Avatar
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      09-23-2012 06:01 PM #10
      If you still have this around Xmas, and I am still looking for a project I might get this. I am local (Milford) but I am stationed in Texas which is why I wouldnt be able to get it now.
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    11. Member sebastian kach's Avatar
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      10-01-2012 12:00 PM #11
      Any pics of its current condition and mechanical state? Where is the car located?
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    12. 10-03-2012 03:29 PM #12
      Car is located in the Cincinnati, OH area and is still available.

      I recently sold the wheels pictured and put the original stock wheels / tires back on (14" Ronals).

      The car would have to be trailered away unless I decide to get it back in running condition again...and I'll probably adjust the price accordingly. Even in CIS form before I parked it, it was a good, fun project. I just don't have the time / money to throw at it to make it everything it could be.

      I've thought about parting the car out (there's probably more money in parts than I'll make on the car as it sits), but it would be a shame if someone didn't pick up the torch and run with it on this one. I'd like to see someone take it home and take care of it.

    13. 10-04-2012 10:50 AM #13
      Ill be in Cincy for thanksgiving. Bringing cash and trailer arrangements. Will coordinate a look as we get closer.

      Hows the paint/rust?

    14. 10-04-2012 11:33 AM #14
      The paint is dirty / needs buffing from sitting for a while. There's only one rust spot that I can think of on the driver's rear quarter panel about the size of a golf ball. It started as a scratch or a bubble when I first got the car and has slowly gotten a little bigger.

      M3...the car is still available right now, but I am talking with 1-2 other people who have inquired about it. To be clear, as stated, I'm going to sell it to the first person that presents the cash and has the means of trailering it home.

    15. Member ejg3855's Avatar
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      Sep 23rd, 2004
      Rochester, NY
      1993 UrS4
      10-15-2012 10:03 AM #15
      pm'ed and replied

    16. 10-15-2012 10:24 AM #16
      Thanks everyone... tons of interest in this lately. Maybe everyone's settling in for the fall and scoping winter projects. A few people have asked about recent exterior pics. Here you go:

      Back on stock Ronals:

      Bit of fading on the rear spoiler

      Car is parked on a slight hill on the driveway...

      Euro lights / reflectors in the front. I remember paying a lot for those from Germany. A US serviceman stationed there pulled them from a car and shipped them to me. They're relayed and provide much better light than the US code units...

      A few rust spots (probably started out as nicks in the paint) and a ding on the driver's quarter. Hood also has a spot of paint missing (in the photo above). Whole car needs to be cleaned and buffed.

      Interior is tan cloth and decent, although I think the tops of the seats and possibly front carpets are a bit faded, but they all did that. Stock radio and dash. I removed the center vents to install a 3 gauge panel with boost gauge. Right now the glove compartment is out (the ecu lives behind there), but I can put that back in.

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