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    Thread: 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Westfalia

    1. 07-09-2012 09:29 PM #1
      1991 white Vanagon GL for Sale in Houston, Texas
      3463 mi on new engine. Engine replaced at 193,537. Engine has 12 month, 12,000 mi warranty dating from 1-29-2012.
      197,000ish mi on body
      Zero major accidents. A couple of dents.
      Most paperwork dating to '96 included.

      This is the Vanagon for you! Make an offer.

      This reliable beautiful van has been much loved, cared for, and has been the best cross country companion. I’m the original owner since 1990 and have the work documentation dating back 15 years, plus the original manual and a mechanic book. The only reason she’s being sold is because I’m going on a 4 year kayaking ocean tour and I want her in good hands. She'll take you to all the places of your dreams.

      This is the best type of bus with more room than the camper type, with a handy fold down table and folding couch/bed. Cool original curtains for you to close up shop when you sleep and nice tinted windows for privacy. This is the last year they made these nice big vans before they went to the smaller Euro van.


      TOP SPEED – Approx. 70-80 MPH
      MPG - 16 city 18 highway
      MILEAGE - 197,001 on 6-28-2012.
      ENGINE - 2.1 Liter Water Cooled 92 HP with about 3,463 miles on it. One year 12,000 mile warranty from the mechanic dating from January 29, 2012.
      TRANSMISSION - Second one with approx. 14,473 miles on it. The original transmission lasted 182,527 miles.
      COOLING HOSES - All replaced about two years ago. Paperwork showing which tubes replaced included.
      MUFFLER - Replaced around December 2008.
      SOUND SYSTEM - Alpine with four speakers in the front and two tweaters, in the back are the three speakers and a Rockford Fosgate 12" subwoofer. 12 Disc CD changer and iPOD jack. Two Amplifiers. Power cable to the stereo replaced about four months ago.
      TIRES – Three have 6,000 miles on them, one has about 3,500.

      She still has almost all original parts. Front seats and head rests, the back facing seats and head rests. Floor rug in the main middle area were replaced with a New Zealand sheep hair rug, four months ago. The pop up canvas is in perfect condition and has a privacy cloth hanging from it.

      The original rug and upholstery are in show room condition, except for the driver mat area. All curtains are intact and in good condition.

      Recent Work:

      Maintenance and testing done regularly.
      COOLING HOSES - All replaced about two years ago. Paperwork included.
      ENGINE - Brand new engine installed six months ago.
      REAR HEATERS - Replaced six months ago.
      BRAKE MASTER CYLINDER AND FRONT BRAKE PADS - Replaced six months ago when the engine was installed.
      IDLE CONTROL VALVE - Replaced about two years ago.

      Valued Extras:
      - 4' by 1' Solar Panel hooked up to a seven month old RV Deep cycle battery hooked up to a 7 month old inverter hooked up to a six socket plug fixed to the wall.
      - Full size rocket box on the roof with keys
      - Yakima Roof Rack with lockable racks for three bikes, two of the locks working with the keys.
      - Awning only used a couple times
      - Alpine stereo with 12" subwoofer, 12 disc CD changer, two amps, iPod Jack.
      - GPS tracker installed, not yet activated.
      - Tinted Windows
      - Jump suit to work on it
      - Liter of Oil
      - Extra coolant
      - Jumper Cables
      - Breaker Bar to get the nuts on the wheels loose
      - Original Jack to get the wheels off.

      Handy Man Specials:

      - The front heater won't turn off. I have the vents plugged so you can't feel the heat.
      - One head rest missing in action
      - The oil light and buzzer is sensitive and goes off every now and then, it doesn't mean anything. Manually check oil levels and the engine heat gauge. This car doesn't ever overheat because everything is new.
      - Engine liner for the engine compartment door on the inside is missing.
      - An interior panel is missing.
      - Slow power steering fluid leak that is around seven months old. I have to top it off about once a month. Haven't determined where it leaks from yet.
      - Few small exterior dents, fixing with touch up kit.

      This is a very cozy and reliable vehicle, however you want a mechanic who knows what they're doing with these cars.

      Don't hesitate to call me with any questions.

      Disclaimer: When you buy it, I need you to drop me off at the water in Houston, Texas so I may begin my four year kayaking adventure!

    2. Member DT EXP's Avatar
      Join Date
      Jun 15th, 2007
      Shreveport, LA
      09 TiG 6MT, 1990 Cabriolet, and Treg 2 v8
      07-11-2012 10:06 PM #2
      Ok, I got to ask.. kayaking adventure?

      Tell me more...

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