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    Thread: 81 Rabbit Pickup 1.9L Turbo Diesel for sale!! excellent condition!

    1. 07-10-2012 07:42 PM #1
      Hello Vortex! Need to sell my little truck ASAP. I have only owned it a few months and most unfortunately for me I just shelled out on some repairs, am about to travel, and just need to let the truck go. Its only outstanding issue is that the gears are having difficulty shifting. While I did lots of research and decided that the 81 Caddy was the perfect truck for me, I am not a mechanic nor do I have a VW specialist who can fix this immediately for me. Looking to sell to someone familiar with VW transmissions who realized what a deal this is!!! I have spent over $12k on this truck - from buying it and many brand new parts - all it needs is an owner who can give it better attention than I and it will have plenty of life left to it. Please be in touch! Make an offer! thank you!


      -Under 80,000 miles!!! Garage kept in Utah for much of its life.

      -new German 1.9 turbo diesel engine (AAZ), turbo charged and inter-cooled

      -5 speed transmission

      -The gear ratios were matched to the torque characteristics of the 1.9TD engine

      BRAND NEW (as of July '12) brake pads, struts, rotors, linkage, master cylinder, axle, flywheel and clutch

      -Air conditioned

      -includes clean white camper "shell" matching the VW 14 inch rims

      -Sirius capable radio, and high quality speaker system installed

      -external mirrors are chrome Porsche units

      -top quality Sheepskin seat covers on both seats (new seats)


      -custom built diesel fuel pump built by Giles in Canada (http://www.performancediesel.ca/performance.htm) matched the pump to the engine and specifically to the turbo plus water to air intercooler and even to the new injectors which Giles procured for us to make sure that the injectors and pump were appropriately matched. This new German 1.9 engine, new performance injector pump, new turbo, and custom water-to-air intercooler system represent the highest quality street performance equipment that money can buy.

      -inter-cooling work done by Turbo Lab in Orem, Utah (http://www.turbolaboratories.com/). Turbo Lab does excellent aluminum fabrication work and there is a lot of handiwork in this truck. Includes a custom fabricated a thick aluminum rock guard that protects the pan. It is easily dropped for access to the drain plug.

      -The exhaust work was the design by an exhaust specialist in Orem, Utah who does his own mandrel bending work. Rather than neck down the system when it exists from the down tube, it was decided to retain the same 2 ¼ inch tubing all the way from the turbo outlet, to down pipe, to the new muffler and out, exiting under the rear bumper. This was all custom work. At first there was concern was that the 2 ¼ pipe might be too big. But the 1.9TD puts out a lot more exhaust than a 1.6NA or even a 1.6 turbo engine. The exhaust is just one of many reasons why this truck is such an awesome street performer.

      -The new drive train and general mechanical renovation was done in 2009 in Alpine, Utah. This included the new 1.9TD engine and transaxle conversion and set up the turbo intake and exhaust (down tube) but the vehicle was taken to Turbo Lab for all of the turbo and intercooler work including the aluminum ducting. Additionally there is built into the front bumper is a single electrical 110 female plug that in turn is wired to a built in slow charger for the battery and to a block heater. For anyone from a cold part of the world, this means that you just plug it in at night and start it in the morning—no fuss, no worry, no wear and tear.

      -And finally --- this baby gets 35 to 50 mpg !!!

      VERY REDUCED PRICE---Looking to sell for $8,000 OBO.

      Car is located in Brooklyn, NY. I had it shipped here from Utah with no complications.

      Thanks for reading!
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    2. 07-24-2012 04:40 PM #2

    3. Member stewardc's Avatar
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      07-24-2012 08:58 PM #3
      Got any pictures that work ???

    4. 07-30-2012 12:30 PM #4
      hello, sorry if that did not work. I uploaded the photos to flickr, here they are:


    5. 08-05-2012 07:22 PM #6
      where are u located ?

    6. 08-06-2012 07:31 PM #7
      hi, I am located in Brooklyn, NY. specifically, the truck is currently in the Park Slope area.

      message me if you would like to setup a visit or have any questions, thanks!

    7. 08-13-2012 01:43 PM #8
      If you're considering making an offer ... please do! Seeking offers in the $6500 range --- very reduced -- needs to sell. thanks very much.

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      08-20-2012 02:37 AM #9
      Hi- pm'd you regarding vehicle.


    9. 10-26-2012 08:42 PM #10
      Is the car still available?

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