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    Thread: Remember to Post your Wheels/Tires on XRims.com also!

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      Hello VWVortex users,

      We are proud to be back as forum sponsors and supporting the world's largest Volkswagen enthusiast site. We provide web users with the most evolved wheel and tire trading platform and hope to help VWVortex members buy and sell their wheels and tires!


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      The Online Source for Buying and Selling your Rims & Tires!

      XRims was created with the automotive enthusiast in mind. It is a website where users can post their rims/tires up in a database for view by the entire car customizing market. This extreme exposure increases the odds of a seller making a sale, but best of all, helps tuning enthusiasts find the rims of their choice.

      Furthermore, XRims provides the opportunity to view products by region, therefore users are able to locate rims/tires in their local area, avoiding expensive shipping and handling costs. Not only are costs minimized, but risk also, since both parties are able to inspect product before transaction.

      There are also tons of useful search features integrated into our database that permit users to search rims/tires by specific chosen criteria, this means no more useless search results. Users can search by country, state or province, manufacturer, model, size, finish and best of all, by bolt pattern and offset. A search by bolt pattern and offset proves effective since only rims which will actually fit your vehicle will be displayed. This is necessary since each auto manufacturer possesses a different fitment pattern for their wheels.

      When users post an ad, XRims asks all the important information about the seller's rims/tires. This way, users browsing ads have access to the useful information that will help them sort out the results. By encouraging and enabling sellers to post as much info as possible, we are able to provide an interactive website designed to cater to buyer's specific needs and requirements.

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