here is the scoop

i had this issue for years now and its never gotten any worse or better. its finally so annoying i cant take it anymore. ive posted on this a few times before with no feedback.

when in neighborhoods or downtown in the city, when acellerating in 2nd say about 33-50% throttle low rpms about 2000-3500 i get this annoying light buck, hesitation, buck, hesitation.

its not abrubt at all, its quite benign, but it is noticeable and it can be quite annoying especially when I feel 'sporty' but it feels like the car is holding itself back.

best i can describe it, is when the traction control kicks on/off quickly but with no indications.

my two theories i dont know how to verify are:

1. the throttle butterfly is fluttering when this happens
2. the variable intake switch flap is fluttering when this happens

or 3. a combo of both?

im tempted to just chip the computer and see if that helps