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    Thread: whats going on in the Halifax area?

    1. Member dubonic possesion's Avatar
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      Jan 6th, 2009
      Ayr, (cambridge) ont.
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      07-16-2012 04:47 AM #1
      hey all, i'm just wondering what the VW scene is like in the halifax area? The wife and I are planning on a change of scenery as soon as our house here in onterrible sells and after doing a little research it seems that Halifax is our best option. I'm originally from Newfoundland but the economy there is and will continue to be in the crapper for the forseeable future.

      Here in ontario i'm a regular to all the local shows, have been active in our local vw community for about the last five years or so but have been wrenching on cars/motorcycles/dirt bikes for as long as i could hold a wrench(or fetch one for the old man)

      we're not 100% sure when the move will take place only that it will as soon as our place sells, hopefully before the fall, just trying to get a grasp on what the community is like, any local forums/clubs/shows. jay
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    2. Semi-n00b DashRiprock's Avatar
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      Aug 21st, 2009
      Nova Scotia
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      07-21-2012 04:49 PM #2

    3. 08-07-2012 12:25 PM #3
      the scene here in nova scotia is really big, well for the size of our province. Our annual VW show for maritimes called MVOC we had about 300 cars this year, and we always have weekly meets and there are various other shows as well. Check out dublove.ca and on FB, also visit www.vagtuningeast.ca for all your vw needs in Atlantic Canada.

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