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    Thread: Isimple Ipod adapter

    1. Junior Member
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      Apr 21st, 2012
      Hampton, GA
      09 CC Lux - 10 MB GLK
      07-17-2012 03:45 PM #1
      I purchased this for my 2009 CC in April but replaced the head unit in June with RCD-510 so it doesn't work with it. Here is ebay link to exact product I have.
      New lower price $60 shipped to lower 48 & Itake Paypal

      Ebay Link
      Last edited by rlbawk; 08-04-2012 at 02:42 AM. Reason: Lower price.

    2. Junior Member
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      Apr 21st, 2012
      Hampton, GA
      09 CC Lux - 10 MB GLK
      07-18-2012 11:04 AM #2
      Problem with link, Sorry , here is the info (isimplesolutions.com)


      Easy Install
      Interface directly connects your iPod/iPhone to your radio via the Satellite Radio's port (located behind your radio), allowing you to listen to your stored music through the factory stereo.
      Factory radio will display the iPod's/iPhone's text (not text messages), on any display/screen that the factory Satellite Radio would, to browse your music, by Artist, Album, Genre, and Playlists from the radio controls
      Keeps the iPod's/iPhone's internal battery charged and ready to go.
      This also adds an extra AUX input for another audio source, like a PSP, or XBOX, or additional MP3/DVD player, etc through supplied RCA audio/3.5mm headphone jack adapter (Audio Only).
      Steering Wheel radio controls (if your vehicle is equipped) also work with this interface (functions are limited to your radio's capabilities).
      The interface is expandable, please see notes below.
      This direct connection eliminates the need for noisy FM modulated solutions, so you can enjoy 100% Digital sound quality.
      Mini USB (cable not included) connection allows the Media Interface to be continually updated with downloadable firmware to work with the latest applications.

      Manufacturer's Product Features

      Keeps the Factory Radio Intact – Plug-and-play interface eliminates the need to replace the factory radio, maintaining the vehicle’s original look and feel.
      Saves Time and Money – Cutting-edge technology and compact size provide huge advantages over buying and installing a new stereo with similar capabilities.
      In Most Applications Retains Original Vehicle Features – Advanced capabilities retain and all safety and convenience features tied to the factory system.i.e.OEM Satellite, Rear Seat Entertainment, and CD changers (please check vehicle compatibility notes)
      Provides Multiple Entertainment Options – Additional auxiliary input could be used to connect MP3 players, satellite radio tuners, DVD players, navigation systems or other portable media to the vehicle.
      Delivers Digital-Quality Audio – Direct connection to the factory radio ensures static-free, crystal-clear sound from the iPod/iPhone and many other portable media devices.
      Enables All iPod/iPhone Features and Functions from the iPod/iPhone or from the Radio – iPod Interface displays information and provides iPod/iPhone control from both the iPod/iPhone and the radio- as a user selectable feature.
      Works with Multiple Applications – USB connection allows the PXAMG to be continually updated with downloadable firmware to work with the latest applications.
      Plug-and-play installation maintains factory wiring integrity

      Compatibility Notes

      Vehicle MUST be either equipped with, or have the ability to support Satellite Radio .
      Compatible with iPhone/iPod/iTouch Firmware updated up to iOS4. If you have a newer firmware please contact us to verify compatibility.
      Not compatible with iPod Shuffles.
      Does not display video.

      Compatibility Requirement

      Navigation radios & radios NOT equipped with a "SAT" button require a different harness. Please click here for the appropriate harness.
      Radios equipped with an SD Card slot are not compatible

      What You Will Receive

      Media Interface
      iPod/iPhone 11 ft Docking Cable
      Aux Audio input cable (RCA/3.5mm Jack)
      General Installation and Operation Manual
      Vehicle Specific Harness

      Works with:

      2009 Volkswagen CC All All
      2009 Volkswagen Eos All All
      2009 Volkswagen GTI All All
      2009 Volkswagen Jetta All All
      2009 Volkswagen Passat All All
      2009 Volkswagen Rabbit All All
      2009 Volkswagen Tiguan All All
      2008 Volkswagen Eos All All
      2008 Volkswagen GTI All All
      2008 Volkswagen Jetta All All
      2008 Volkswagen Passat All All
      2008 Volkswagen Rabbit All All
      2007 Volkswagen Eos All All
      2007 Volkswagen GTI All All
      2007 Volkswagen Jetta All All
      2007 Volkswagen Passat All All
      2007 Volkswagen Rabbit All All
      2006 Volkswagen GTI All All
      2006 Volkswagen Jetta All All
      2006 Volkswagen Rabbit All All

    3. Junior Member
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      Apr 21st, 2012
      Hampton, GA
      09 CC Lux - 10 MB GLK
      08-04-2012 02:43 AM #3
      Price lowered!

    4. 09-01-2012 10:33 AM #4
      is unit still available?

    5. Member blazerpounds's Avatar
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      Mar 19th, 2008
      Greeley, CO
      02 GTI 1.8t
      09-21-2012 08:20 AM #5
      Yeah I want this. Is it still here?

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