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    Thread: 2013 Passat DSG questions

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      Aug 26th, 2006
      2013 Passat TDI SEL Premium
      07-18-2012 10:26 AM #1
      Hey all, enjoying our new '13 TDI DSG Passat. I'm new to DSG's and have a few questions for down the road.

      Driving the car feels like a manual transmission with an automatic clutch. When you let off the brake from a stop the idle kicks up and the clutch let's out like you would with your foot. You can feel it clear as day, really really cool. Same goes for backing up obviously. Man the engineering that went into this thing to make it driveable as a consumer car must be just HUGE!

      My question is, will these clutches wear about the same or maybe even faster than a manual gearbox and require replacing? I'm guessing the clutch pack just sits where a normal clutch or torque converter would and not inside the case somewhere. If your backing up a hill and taking things slow to keep from scratching your new car it seems like the clutches are working pretty hard and they must be wearing while that sort of action is taking place. I'm just looking at what sort of repairs I can be looking at later down the road.

      Also, the car only has 200 miles on it but the RPM's flare a little bit between gears like the clutch transfer doesn't happen fast enough. Would this be attributed to the adaptive strategy still building up or is this normal?

      Thanks all! Loving this thing so far!

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      Feb 8th, 2001
      2013 Passat TDI SEL Premium
      07-25-2012 12:05 PM #2
      Go to YouTube. There are animations showing the DSG in operation. And, no, the clutch packs are not outside the gearbox, they're right inside, swimming in oil with the gears (the 7-spd. DSG employed in Europe, which is only suitable for small vehicles, uses dry clutch packs). This is one reason why the 40K mile oil change for the 6-spd. DSG is so important.....
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