VWVortex.com - Light throttle input off idle equals rough/stall
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    Thread: Light throttle input off idle equals rough/stall

    1. Member Cubster's Avatar
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      Nov 26th, 2002
      Fort Worth, Texas
      07-18-2012 08:27 PM #1
      Never had this issue in any of my CIS cars, never...and not sure what in the crap is going on. Ok...car is idling.....let off brake to move forward...light throttle (adding a few hundred RPM's) and it stumbles....then stalls (if held in that position). It's like there is a small window/position of the throttle that the system doesn't like but I'be tried adjusting everything up/down....timing and everything.....

    2. Member
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      Aug 14th, 2005
      07-19-2012 06:32 AM #2
      Not something which will be easy to track down over the net, but it seems more like either a "tune up" thing or a fuel delivery thing. The tune up part is self explanatory I think and if one has not been done in the past year then it would be wise. Fuel delivery could be a few things, like dirty injectors, sticking fuel distributor plunger, or air sensor plate adjustment/sticking.

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