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    Thread: 2.0 16v R1 Carburetors Here I go! I'm new here. Mk2 VW GTI

    1. 07-20-2012 08:28 PM #1
      Ok. I'm new here. I'm visited several times. Set up an account a couple times, but have forgotten my password several times. Mix in a slow computing situation and thats been my situation.
      But NOW!!
      Alright, My 1989 VW Golf GTI 16v.
      Damn old CIS-e injection already took down one engine.
      I didn't give up. I had a 91' VW Passat with a blown differential. So I stole it's engine.
      Now I'm 2.0 9a 16v GTI.
      But the fuel system is too old (350,000 miles) and too expensive, and too overly complicated with minimal rewards.
      So, I bought R1 carbs and they're in the mail.
      I haven't any expessialy helpfull information out here on the world wide web so I figured that a more participatory web atmosphere should be my next best bet.
      The way I see it it looks pretty strait forward but the devil is in the details and this is now my first rodeo.
      Step by step advise is what I'm looking for. I'm not the first one to do this. I'm starting from scratch.
      Can anyone walk me through this??????????

    2. Member
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      May 17th, 2010
      Portland, OR
      '91 Jetta 16V on R1 Carbs
      07-23-2012 01:45 AM #2
      Here's everything you need to know. Read all of it. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...res-a-write-up!

      I'm about 95% done with mine!

      Need a 16V manifold flange to build your custom carb intake mani!?! I can get you one laser-cut for $85 shipped!!! PM me!

    3. 08-18-2012 06:15 PM #3
      Thank you very much!!

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