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    Thread: Custom exhaust: custom exhaust with couplers cons?

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      Apr 16th, 2006
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      07-21-2012 10:15 PM #1
      Don't have any experience welding, and while it's something I'd like to eventually pick up, I don't want to spend the money yet and don't have too much extra space for storage.

      What are the cons of piecing together an exhaust with 45 degree elbows, couplers, and premade flanges? Am I wrong in assuming the cost won't be unfeasibly expensive (as compared to getting an exhaust welded together)?

      I'd most likely be looking at building a downpipe if I decide to throw a turbo on my Fox. The cat is flanged and hooked up to a poorly put together and partially welded TT catback (hangs a mere couple inches from the ground if that ).

      This way, I should be able to get a flange for the turbo, couplers, elbows to direct the downpipe, some straight pipe cut to appropriate length, and a flange for the cat (and perhaps a premade pipe with bung for an o2 sensor).

      If anything, I could pick up a MAPP+oxygen kit from Home Depot and try to braze it together myself with coat hangers (only ever soldered before. will I be able to do this?).

      How much of a disturbance in exhaust flow would this create (if any)? Any other cons to this? I haven't looked too far into this yet (just musing and trying to prod myself to gather turbo bits again), but I figure getting a downpipe made would be around $300 from what I've heard (!!!). I'm guessing I'm possibly not looking in the right places too. But if that's standard, I'm hoping to drop it down to $100 or so by piecing one together myself.
      I really suck at smog.

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      Jul 26th, 2007
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      07-27-2012 03:59 PM #2
      not to rain on your parade, would be cheaper and safer if you just buy that, even if it is from ebay.
      especially if your welding experiences is just with a mapp gas torch or soldering ... besides that unless you have spare parts and a decent shop tools, it would cost even more by the time you acquire the proper tools to made a decent safe piece.

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