VWVortex.com - 2.0 aba with holley 2bbl. needs distributor advise ;; please help!!
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    Thread: 2.0 aba with holley 2bbl. needs distributor advise ;; please help!!

    1. 07-23-2012 03:25 PM #1
      Hey everyone. I have an '85 scirocco with a 94 2.0 aba with a 1.8l solid lifter head. This car runs a class called 'ministock' at a track in n.h. . it's a high bank quarter mile oval. so.. i had trouble with the fuel injection so i fabed up a carb. intake manifold. easy, done. when i converted to the 2.0 lower end, there was some funny business with the distributor. my buddy figured it out by changing or moving the window under the cap.. got it running, seemed good. as you know, the 1.8 dist. doesn't fit. anyway, my last trip to the track ended me with a max rpm of 6700. when i take off in first and give it everything it's got, it just stops at that rpm. blahhh, blugghh ugh. shift to 2nd and same thing stops pulling at 6700. the icm (ignition module) is old, from a cis car. it has 6 wires ithink. the coil too is old. i'll be replacing the coil with an msd blaster or equivalent. I think my problem is the module. is there a simple way or a better module i can use that has no rpm limiter? If it were the distributor, would'nt there be issues at all rpm's? can someone recomend a distributor i can use thats not jerry rigged? i'm trying not to use a computer also. The cam is a crower custom grind, 450 lift, 286 ish duration and is good from 3-7500 rpm. new valve springs for cam, valves set at 8-11 thousandths. ANY HELP OR SUGGESTIONS????? thanks for reading, shawn

    2. Member oldschool eighty8's Avatar
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      07-24-2012 07:17 AM #2
      You need to buy this http://techtonicstuning.com/main/ind...oducts_id=1370
      And run the 1.8 distributor

    3. 07-25-2012 02:33 AM #3
      omfg. of course it was that simple. i feel so... opposite of advanced timing. lol. thank you. i cant believe i didnt see it. i wrenched on it today and i was off a tooth on the cam. twists right up to 8800 now, and the fact i was 20 steps too rich on the jets didnt help either.

    4. 07-31-2012 09:25 AM #4
      You dont happen to have a pic of your carb set up? I was wondering if you had to cut a hole in your hood to mount the carb?

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