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    Thread: Is my S4 done for?

    1. 07-24-2012 09:52 AM #1

      Joined to get some enthusiast opinions on my car. I have a 2005.5 S4 that i fear might have suffered engine failure. Was driving home last week when i heard a pop coming from the bay area, followed by a horrible mis-fire. I am fearing that i have broken a guide or chain tensioner. Car is at a local indy shop so i will hear the diagnosis today.

      If my fears are confirmed, what am i looking at for a new engine? Would it be more cost effective to just strip it down and sell it in parts? Crossing my fingers but i am worried on this one.

    2. 07-24-2012 03:16 PM #2
      Just got word that one of my guides failed. Got a quote of nearly 8K to pull the motor and overhaul the timing chain system. I think i am going to just cut my losses and part the car out at this point.

      Anyone looking for parts? Send inquiries to partspetro@gmail.com

      2005.5 B7 Avant - All stock

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