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    Thread: What Website Offers Best Flight & Hotel Deals SFO To BKK Thailand?

    1. Member caragon's Avatar
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      07-24-2012 12:36 PM #1
      Hey Guys,
      My wife and I are planning a trip to Thailand next February 2013. It's been 4 years since our last trip there and was wondering what are websites to find the best deals on air flights and hotel reservations. Expedia pricing seems a bit high. I realize that gas prices have risen significanlty and affecting pricing. Four years ago I was able to find airfare between $800-$900. Now I can't seem to find airfare under $1200 per person. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    2. Member VR6JetPilot's Avatar
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      08-20-2012 01:55 PM #2
      big difference between flying now and 4 years ago.....fuel and taxes have gone way up.

      we're planning to go to BKK for the holidays and china air is about $1000/person but with a 10 hour stop over in beijing. price is not bad for holiday season. it's a long stop but since there's 4 of us (+ wife and 2 kids), we need to save everywhere we can.

    3. 08-20-2012 04:36 PM #3
      I fly to bkk from honolulu so I'm not sure about from SFO. but china is usually pretty good, usually with a bit of a layover in taipe (from hnl anyway) others stop in narita or seoul
      yes prices hover around 900 to 1100 coach from most carriers
      phillippine airlines has recently run some pretty good prices but the airline can be a bit sketchy sticking to schedule.
      I would imagine the usual carriers from SFO would be , china, korean, JAL, united, delta, asiana,
      cathay pacific.

      more and more these days I"ve booked directly on the airlines web site for the best prices

      as someone else mentioned it is high season the month you want to go

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      08-21-2012 12:07 PM #4
      Try Skyscanner.com I used this for my flight from Seoul to Hanoi. And I was recommended this site by a friend that was working as a travel agent in Australia until he decided to move to South Korea as well.

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