VWVortex.com - Pinout for VR6 MK4 coil to ecu wiring harness
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    Thread: Pinout for VR6 MK4 coil to ecu wiring harness

    1. Member SilvBullit's Avatar
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      Sep 7th, 2001
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      07-24-2012 12:56 PM #1
      In troubleshooting a rough-running issue with my VR6 I would have loved to find this info so here it is after some probing. My Bentley is on what seems like a permanent loan so I didn't have any point of reference. This will help to eliminate the wiring harness as a problem when your VR6 has coil issues. My coil didn't arc at all when sprayed with water yet I still had issues with it. This is the right-hand side ECU plug as you would be looking at it from the engine bay. USE SMALL PAPERCLIPS TO PROBE THE HARNESS! Otherwise you will stretch out the small metal tabs inside the harness and make more problems for yourself.

      The numbers on the picture correspond with the number on the connector to the coilpack. Make sure there is no resistance in the circuit and make sure they do not short to ground. Hope this helps someone someday.

    2. Member dogyouare's Avatar
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      Aug 9th, 2009
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      07-24-2012 01:11 PM #2
      great info i know someone will look at this. should be added to diy

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