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    Thread: FS: 2004 Audi S4 Avant 6MT Brilliant Black (NY/NJ)

    1. 07-26-2012 02:43 PM #1
      AHHHHHHHhhhh hate to do it.

      Ive enjoyed this car for a under a year but unfortunately I may be moving back to Manhattan and it will get wrecked. I bought this car last November. I flew out to LA to pick it up and drove it back to NYC area. I love driving it and Ive driven it quite a bit in the short amount of time that I have owned it (Ive put about 16K miles on it, 3K of that was the trip home) but otherwise not much has changed. It will be nicely detailed as well for anyone that decides to buy it. The car looks and runs exactly as it did when I picked it up.

      Located in NYC Metro area

      The Specs
      -2004 S4 Avant
      -Brilliant Black
      -Black Silk Nappa Leather
      -94K miles

      It has the Premium Package, which included options such as the sunroof, home-link, multi-function steering wheel, auto-dimming interior and exterior rearview mirrors, memory for driver's seat and mirrors, and an auto light sensor. It also had built in NAV, which the previous owner upgraded to the RNS-E unit, and has the cold-weather package with heated front seats and the ski-pass through in the middle of the rear seats. It also has Audi Sport rubber floor mats which are still in the car, and I also have the original carpet mats that are used. There is also a WeatherTech trunk tray. The cargo cover is also included.

      -KW V3 coilovers
      -19" RS6 Hartmann Reps with Hankook Ventus' V12's
      -Huper Optik 50% tint w/ life time warranty
      -STaSIS B6 catback
      -B7 S4 Caliper clips/springs

      More info
      -Eight new coilpacks were installed under the recall by previous owner, one new window regulator, a new starter, a new battery (10/14/2011), a new glove box lid (10/14/2011), and new valve covers and gaskets.
      -Ive performed regular oil changes on the car every 3-5K miles or so.
      -I replaced both HID head light bulbs with OEM bulbs after one of them burned out.
      -I replaced the small filter/screen in the intake plumbing as the other one was in bad shape.
      -The fuel gauge sensor started acting funny on the drive home from LA and I havent gotten around to replacing it.
      -The temp sensor also acts funny from time to time. Doesnt seem to be an issue so far in warmer weather. I think this is a typical VW/Audi thing too but I havent looked into it too much.
      -The driver window regular just went recently which I also have not fixed (pretty standard fix). Its been so hot Ive just been running the A/C. The last owner replaced the front passenger regulator. All other windows and sun roof are good so far.
      -Rear wiper blade needs to be replaced.
      -It will come with the extra set of winter wheels and tires in the pictures (OEM 18" RS4-look with Dunlop Wintersport 3Ds - still have plenty of life).
      -The summer wheels could use some TLC and Id probably replace the summer tires soon.
      -I also have the cross bars for the roof rack.
      -I will also throw in all the paperwork that the last owner gave me so you have a good history of the car, including original window sticker and manuals.

      Asking $19,500, serious buyers only please.
      Please use email:

    2. 07-26-2012 02:51 PM #2
      22 posts in 9.5yrs......this kid is a honda legend.

      get this one going people, solid car

      ~mikey m.
      dubaudi | LUX | banchwerks | joosey

    3. Member COSitsWORTHit's Avatar
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      Nov 25th, 2002
      96 Jetta, 01 focus, 00 focus, 85 LTC, 11 CR-V
      07-26-2012 03:09 PM #3
      I saw this on autotrader and decided to pass because of miles.

    4. Member COSitsWORTHit's Avatar
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      Nov 25th, 2002
      96 Jetta, 01 focus, 00 focus, 85 LTC, 11 CR-V
      07-26-2012 03:13 PM #4
      That and its out of my requirements.

      A sale add doesn't make me feel good when there is a problem with the car and the owner says "haven't gotten around to it"

      What else have they not gotten around to?

    5. 07-26-2012 03:37 PM #5
      I didnt put this car on auto trader so no idea what you are referring to.

      I clearly stated any issues the car has as well as any known past issues. I could have played dumb and left all that out. Anyone that checks out the car in person will see that there is nothing else I "havent gotten around to". I also have a busy life so getting around to things isnt so easy sometimes.

    6. 07-28-2012 09:04 PM #6
      ^^^uppity up up^^^

      ~mikey m.
      dubaudi | LUX | banchwerks | joosey

    7. Member T0neyDanza's Avatar
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      Apr 25th, 2007
      Langley AFB VA
      MK5 GTI, 2012 cc (wife's car) and 4 previous VW's
      07-29-2012 06:18 PM #7
      Is there anything you would trade for?

    8. 07-30-2012 06:53 AM #8
      Quote Originally Posted by T0neyDanza View Post
      Is there anything you would trade for?
      what are you offering up? the seller is a good friend of mine and he prolly didn't see this. i can tell you if you have another VAG car then i'm afraid he won't be interested. i believe he's going back to his JDM roots.

      ~mikey m.
      dubaudi | LUX | banchwerks | joosey

    9. Member BigWaveDave's Avatar
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      Jul 25th, 2005
      Tucson, AZ
      2010 TDI Cup Edition
      08-16-2012 07:13 AM #9
      If it was Alcantara interior and not wood grain, I would be all over it.

      Free Bump mate...

    10. n00b 3579's Avatar
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      Aug 7th, 2011
      Lancaster, PA
      Audi a6 2.7t(RIP), B6 Passat 2.0t(sold), MKV .:R #3579
      09-10-2012 06:30 PM #10
      Love the car but 19.5k is wayyyy high.
      GLWS though

    11. 09-24-2012 12:57 PM #11
      Would you part with the coilovers

    12. Junior Member
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      Dec 11th, 2011
      Albany, NY area
      11-08-2012 12:00 PM #12
      Is this car still available?

    13. 11-09-2012 08:06 AM #13
      Quote Originally Posted by JiM P 2001 View Post
      Is this car still available?
      the OP is a friend of mine, i just sent him a text letting him know you asked.

      ~mikey m.
      dubaudi | LUX | banchwerks | joosey

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