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    Thread: RS4 owners....need some info please

    1. 07-28-2012 10:15 AM #1
      Greetings - I've been an A3 owner for the past 4 years, love the car and I was thinking about upgrading to a current S4 but now I'm thinking about upgrading to an older RS4, but I've got a few questions...

      My biggest question is this - 420hp / 320ft/lbs torque yet the current S4 has 320hp / 325ft/lbs torque...my old musclecar (68 GTO) it's all about torque....does that extra 100hp really make the difference?

      Maintenance costs - the RS models I see have approx 60k miles on them, what sort of maintenance costs am I looking at down the road?


    2. 07-31-2012 09:51 PM #2
      Breaks! are expensive lol check there are no cracking in the rotors and make sure the pads have plenty of life left check tires and all needed service records ... After seeing if all the service stops have been made you can call your dealer and find out which service stop is going to cost what.... And yes that extra 100 hp makes a big difference.. You will love the rs4

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      08-04-2012 06:12 PM #3
      You should really join Audizine. You will find tons more info and get much more response form that forum.
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