Hi All,

I have a 2003 Octavia Tour 1.6 Petrol (second owner), FDH Gearbox, 140,000 km . After lengthy investigation and failed solutions (like changing the fluid, replacing the cooler, cleaning the transmission), It's cofirmed now that I have a valve body problem (hesitation and jerky moves from 1st to 2nd and from 2nd to 3rd after around 40 mins of driving in normal conditions).

Now the dealer and the private mechanics agree that there is a new "replacement" valve body from VW to solve this issue, but currently It's out from the Egyptian Market here. The dealer (well known crocks) tell me that the new valve body alone is around $2,000 , and that I should pay part or all of the price before they request one for me from Europe.

Unless you guys convince me this is the correct price and I'm not being overcharged, I believe this is waaaaaay too much for a valve body. I want to buy that valve body and replace it at a good mechanic place here. The problem is I searched for hours and hours online to know the part number and the price of this new valve body or any info about it in vain :-S

My questions are:
Can anyone confirm this new replacement valve body exists and will solve the problem? how can I know it's code/part number and it's price to order it?

If there is any any info ab the car that you need to help me plz ask :-)