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    Thread: 2001 VW New Beetle 2.0L GS (is it a good deal?)

    1. 07-29-2012 09:36 AM #1
      Hello All,

      I recently came across a 2001 VW Beetle for sale with only 7,200 miles on it. I currently own a 07 Rabbit and have had great luck with the car so naturally I would like to get another VW. The beetle has been sitting and has low miles however I'm not sure if it is a good deal. I have read many blogs about this car stating that they are a money pit. Is this true?
      I have no idea what the cars history is. All I know is the interior looks like new and the outside has a small scratch.
      I have read these cars are bad on O2 sens., had head light problems, transmission problems, air bag sens problems.
      This car is only worth about $4,700 so if the transmission goes then it will not be worth it.

      VW enthusiasts- I know beetles are not the coolest thing in the world but Im a college student and I love my VW Rabbit but she has too many miles and needs to go...

      IS this a good trade up? or a money pit?

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      07-30-2012 10:15 AM #2
      How many miles on the Rabbit?

      Even though its got low miles (if you aren't missing a 0, then 7,200 is just insane!) its going to need some work. The poor car isn't even broken in at 7,200 miles. It also means its just been sitting and sitting with maintenance not being done. I bet it needs a good oil change and I'd even consider changing the timing belt. Not being driven can be just as bad as driven a lot.
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    3. 08-12-2012 09:22 AM #3
      Here are the specs on the car if your interested. She is now up for sale. Sniffle sniffle.

      Manual Transmission, Cruse Control, 2 Door, auto locks, one touch windows, heated mirrors, side markers on the mirrors, new windshield, like new tires, GREAT on gas at 30MPG, plus this car is very sporty, the car is lowered by factory to cruse around the corners, great consumer reviews, CLEANEST car you have ever seen, owned by one person who is a women, alloy rims, MP3 player, CD Player, 100k, fold down back seats making the cargo room very large. This car has never been in an accident so it has a clean title.

      Asking $8,000 and NADA values the car at $10,300

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