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    Thread: the BEST day ever drag racing (for me anyways). 9.34 @ 153

    1. 07-30-2012 11:22 AM #1
      it started out nice and cool, overcast. i could tell it was going to be a good day, for Karma did me a solid first thing in the morning. i go to the same little gas station/store by my house for ice every time i race. its $2.49 a 25lb bag, i bring in the wheeled cooler and get 4 bags usually. the lady, who knows me for my frequent visits to the store in the AM, tells me to just go in the back room and fill the cooler up straight out of the machine. no charge she says. cool. i still get a couple big bags for the other cooler anyhow. and then drive up to Portland International Raceway.

      the event was the Rose City Bug-In, an Aircooled show, put on by the Rose City Volksters. the line, was horrible just to get in. it was over a mile long just to enter the venue..... but it always is and i was there plenty early. i had to go to the end of the road just to turn around to get in line, its a two lane road, see. lost 6 spots in line from that maneuver.

      finally i get in, and get parked and start setting up the pit area. i will have Joey and a couple other cars with us if they show up. and i have some of the other water cooled racers pit on my sides, Bernd Arndt pitted left and Ricky Racer on the right with his aircooled. and a Halsey drag rabbit further up on the right.

      it was a great day, all the kids played well together, and my trailer was their playground.

      i made a total of 6 passes, and every one of them was a full pull and full success. i had Ralph and Jerry there to take pix of the car, and i cant wait to see some of the shots they took. Ralph did the pic of the two step shooting fire that won me the V-box contest last year. i used that V-box yesterday, and got some information from it that was pretty neat.

      0-60 is 2.3 seconds.
      60-100 is 2.3 seconds.
      60-130 was 4.9 seconds. a Veyron SS does this in 5.2 seconds for comparison, with 1200hp
      and the car hit 1.6 G's on acceleration!!

      and all 6 passes were 151mph and up, too. one at 151, 2 @ 152, 3 @ 153

      made the first hit be the one to bump Hollywood, and it got better after that. made 3 qualifying passes, then i won the first two rounds by default. the other guy red-lit before i did, so i win auto. then it is Bernd and i in the semi's. and i have been running the left all day for video and picture access. he takes the left lane, which is fine by me. Bernd is a great guy, an excellent racer, and i was nervous and choked. bogged off the line with a 1.86 60' but still ran 10.41 @ 151. the thing i dont understand is that i had 81 mph at the 1/8th and 151 at the 1/4!!! Bernd got knocked in the finals by the Ghia.

      i have all 6 runs here, and the 9.34 pass is my best ever, backed up with a 9.36.

      and the car is running super consistent and doing excellent! the Kevin Black ++++ button work was amazing.

      i forgot to add, being the fastest water cooled car racing netted me the bounty put out by Halsey Imports, and consisted of 5 Silver Lady's. silver dollars made of pure silver. SWEET!!!!! i won some LOOT!!!!

      9.459 @ 153.76......1.456 60'.......6.201 @ 117.32 1/8th..... .024 RT Baro 30.18 DA of 135
      9.525 @ 152.74......1.531 60'.......6.254 @ 117.32 1/8th..... .014 RT HOLY SH!T i cut a light!!! Baro 30.17 DA 275
      9.997 @ 152.77......1.677 60'.......6.711 @ 116.24 1/8th..... -.006 RT Baro 30.17 DA 275

      then it was the eliminations.

      9.342 @ 153.71......1.400 60'.......6.097 @ 118.73 1/8th..... -.125 RT WIN Baro 30.16 DA 472
      9.368 @ 153.84......1.435 60'.......6.127 @ 118.68 1/8th..... -.003 RT WIN Baro 30.15 DA 622
      10.415@ 151.54.....1.863 60'.......7.104 @ 81.87 1/8th..... -.319 RT LOST WTF is up with the 1/8 to 1/4 mph? Baro 30.15 DA 622

      anyhow, it was a blast, had fun hangin with friends and having my mst successful day at the track EVER!

      i am working on videos, and Jon (zerb) will work on an intro and such. here is just a teaser though. the Bug, he red-lighted and knew he lost so he gave up.

      spent the buck to get my stats from Sundays runs.

      07-29-2012 12:36:14 Wind from W at 6 mph

      Station KVUO ----------- Elev : 19 ft ------------------Temperature 70.00°
      Barometric Pressure 30.16 ----------------------------Humidity 56.00%
      Standard Rel Air Density 98.70% ---------------------Track Rel Air Density 98.70%
      Effective Altitude 472.00 ft -----------------------------Tail Wind -6.00 mph

      VW Pro1 Elim1
      Left Lane---------------------------------Right Lane
      AARON CROSSLEY-----Name-----------JIM BERNETT
      4983-------------------Car Number----------6164
      VWPR------------------Class ---------------VWPR
      9.40---------------------Dial In---------------10.98
      -.125---------------------R/T --------------- -.029

      First to finish: Left 6.7818
      n/a Margin

      Racer's Stats
      .014----------------------Best R/T--------------.109
      9.342-------------------Quickest E.T.-----------10.993
      153.84-------------------Fastest MPH-----------120.28

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    2. 07-30-2012 03:03 PM #2
      5 Real pieces of silver for the fastest Watercooled, that is awesome!

      Great job again. There is a big VW event in Rockingham, NC this weekend if you want to start heading out this way.

      Last edited by 95GLX; 07-30-2012 at 03:05 PM.

    3. 07-30-2012 03:21 PM #3
      Anthony, the fastest Aircooled got the same, and then the best R/T got a single piece....

      Halsey always brings out a few hundo worth of racer $$$, local shop supporting the local guys.

      the fastest Bug out went 9.68 @ like 14x IIRC. i wanted to get it so he and i could line up, water vs air for an exhibition run but he broke.

    4. Member
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      '02JETTA (SOLD) '00TTQ (SOLD) '90 C2 964
      07-30-2012 03:25 PM #4
      update your sig Aaron

    5. 07-30-2012 04:04 PM #5
      i cant yet, that is a click-link to the dragtimes contest right now. trying to win a front page expose for the car

      click the link and vote, every day!

    6. Former Advertiser
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      Billet 72'd 07 GTI, Billet 6265'd 08 R32, 2010 GMC Sierra
      07-30-2012 04:47 PM #6
      Great job! You deserve the awesome results.

    7. Member 05JettaGLXVR6's Avatar
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      Jan 24th, 2006
      Annapolis, MD/Stockblocks, NJ
      07-30-2012 04:49 PM #7
      Congrats Aaron your driving is making your time fall like crazy.

    8. Member agnhare77's Avatar
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      07-30-2012 07:15 PM #8

    9. Junior Member
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      07-31-2012 06:22 PM #9
      Amazing car , Congrats on the NB!

    10. 07-31-2012 10:25 PM #10

    11. 07-31-2012 11:49 PM #11
      Congrats, you've made some serious strides in the past year. Well done!

    12. 08-01-2012 11:17 PM #12
      congrats aaron nice driving.
      97 GTI VR6T (Sold) - 11.50 @ 121.29 17psi - ATP Stage 2, EIP Chip/FMU
      All Motor - 3.39 R&P, DSR 256 Cams, 215/50/15 Dunlop SP5000, 2750lbs
      13.961 @ 99.55mph

    13. 08-02-2012 12:10 AM #13
      Quote Originally Posted by GTRTim View Post
      congrats aaron nice driving.
      thank you. pure luck, i was in a "zone" i dunno. but it all just "CLICKED" for me that day up until i had to run Bernd Arndt heads up and i choked. that was the Semi's.

      he knew he had won already as he saw the win light on his board from my red0light, but he kept in it to make a good run for the spectators.

      i cut a few great lights.
      i made two back-to back identical 1.8th mile mph runs, first two passes. 117.32

      overall the mph difference in 6 runs? 151.54 to 153.84. a span of only 2.30 mph.
      the time varied quite a bit.
      the 60' time was pretty decent, 1.400 to 1.863 overall.
      and i even was #5 qualifier, seems good as there was at least 16 people.

      but, all in, it was a most EPIC day for me and the dragracing experience i have had thus far in life!

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      08-02-2012 11:33 AM #14
      Quote Originally Posted by GTRTim View Post
      congrats aaron nice driving.
      I was gonna say the same thing-- good job driving the car. Just remember how everything felt and aim to duplicate that the next time out. Great work.
      Life begins at 101 kpa ...and so does poverty--Lugnuts Calhoun

    15. 08-08-2012 05:51 AM #15
      Brilliant read. Congrats on the time. Its great to see this car get quicker with each visit to the track. Keep up the awesome work

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