So, I've thrown a couple parts at it now, trying to fix a no-picture problem.

We have a Magnavox 50ML8105D/17, a digital projection television. A couple weeks back, we had a rather nasty storm that included a lightning strike very close to the house. The surge took out the DSL modem, a wireless router, and the television.

It didn't kill the TV entirely: we have sound, but the only picture we have is the channel, input source and volume slider if selected.

Research and consultation led me to believe that it was a bad power supply or mainboard; I have now replaced both those parts, and will have them tested locally if I can. The picture is still the same.

I'm open to suggestions of other possible parts; because I get SOMETHING I'm fairly certain it's not the lamp again (replaced last year). If anyone knows where I can get or buy a service manual for this model, I'd be incredibly grateful.