Hey every one, so I put a vr6 in my b3 passat with in the last few months and I just don't think it's running right. It's an obd1 vr with about 90k on it. When I did the swap I had one of the told vw shops in Milwaukee do my timing chains on it. But when I finally got it running it just seemed like it missed fired. So while the car was running i sat there with a pilers and I pulled each plug off the coilpack one by one. Each one I pulled out would make it run like a$$, in till I got to cylinders 1 and 6 on the coilpack. when I pulled those to the car would run the same. So I took the coilpack off and it was cracked. So I ended up putting new plugs, wire, and I got a used coil pack from a friend that wasn't cracked. And I put it all in thinking it would fix it. So I got the car all done and back on the road and I started driving it but its not as fast as I would think it would be. I daily drive a b4 passat with over 200k and its bone stock and that cars seems so much faster than my b3, even tho I have stuff done to it like a 2.9 intake and an exhaust.

But anyways what I'm trying to get at is what could it be? The car at idle is about 700 rpm or around that. And I noticed the engine it self seems to move a lot more than my b4. And when I'm driving it if I'm in 5th gear and under 45mph the car seems to boug out and you can tell it has troulbe.

What are your guy's thoughts on it? I'm thinking its still a bad coil. But I would rather make sure.

Thanks for the help