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    Thread: would like some advice on cheap 2.1 surround sound.

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      08-01-2012 10:15 AM #1
      OK, so i am looking at cheap 2 channel surround sound...just Right and Left speakers.
      i have a limited budget (thanks to my wife who thinks home theater is worthless )
      i also don't feel like surround sound would work very well due to the layout of my living room. (tall ceilings, no wall behind the sitting area, plus i would want to run everything through the walls, and that is just a PITA in my house.

      currently have a 51" plasma, panasonic Blueray, XBOX 360, and cable box all through HDMI.
      i was thinking of picking up a semi-cheap receiver, and some floor/tower speakers and maybe a sub if i felt it was necessary.

      not looking to blow anyones socks off, just looking for some nice sound at an affordable price. what would you guys suggest. hoping to pick up a setup for around $300 and i am not opposed to used equipment. what do you all think?

      my living room setup...that is old equipment (old TV, old XBOX, old old old AIWA stereo system that I really dont like the looks of but it sounds fantastic IMO)

    2. 08-02-2012 12:48 PM #2
      At your price point, I'd go used. check craigslist.

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