Hi to all. I recently got my hands on a 93 Cabby with full crossflow swap. The car ran and drove fine before I took it apart for repairs. Im in the process of reassembly just buttoning the last few things up before the first start.

Problem: I have some kind of switch that mounts near the throttle body that is clearly not an OEM component. It has a button switch at the end that makes contact with the throttle body when the gas pedal is RELEASED. It has a wire coming out and goes somewhere I havent figured out. As I said its clearly not OEM and looks like some kind of home made junk. Just trying to figure out if its important or can be replaced with something better engineered.

The "device"

As it was attached

Where it mounts

Plug on the other end (was mounted to a valve cover bolt to ground it I guess)

Connector it attaches to