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    Thread: A/c Compressor not coming on

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      Oct 16th, 2002
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      08-02-2012 10:56 AM #1
      ok i have a 2000 2.0. a/c compressor isnt kicking on.
      checked fans using the key on and a/c button. then manually checked them by jumper the fan thermo switch on radiator, then the fans themselves using the wires. both high and low speed come on. replaced the high low switch, replaced the fan control module, replaced the ambient temp sensor, replaced the coolant temp sensor. and the compressor is new.. i even jumper the compressor to make it cut on manually and it does. and blows cold air. freon level is good. i evac it and recharged it from vacuum with one full can. that should have been enough to engage the compressor. checked the fuses in the car (5,16,25) and also the ones on top of the batter and checked to see if its melted. im lost at where to go now...
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      08-03-2012 01:03 PM #2
      are you getting around 12v in thermal switch connector?
      maybe there is a short in wiring, do continuity check.

      Check A/C thermal cut-out switch?
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    3. 08-18-2012 08:31 PM #3
      Check the fuse block on top of the battery. If the wires look discolored the box could be bad. Check the three 30 amp fuses. They could be blown or the conections are bad. This is a common weak point in the electrical system and is an inexpensive easy fix. Hope it works!

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