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    Thread: FS/FT: 2002 S4 Stage 2+ $9k (IL)

    1. 08-02-2012 02:44 PM #1

      I absolutely love this car but it is time for me to move onto something else. I bought this car from a mechanic, who purchased it from the original owner in California. The car was in a rear-end collision and the California seller let it go, my mechanic fixed it up, and I purchased it from home once everything was complete at ~120k miles. This is in essence a 2 owner-mainly California car!

      The car has been super reliable for me and impresses the hell out of me as I've been able to pull 30+ MPG on the highway while still having all of the power a stage 2+ car offers. Still puts a huge smile on my face everytime I drive it.

      The car is a 2002, the last year of the 2.7t S4 (and the best, most revised version)

      Currently has 131,8xx miles and will go up as I drive it almost daily.


      Bilstein custom valved shocks/w H&R Sport springs
      GIAC flash tune
      Piggie pipes gutted and exhaust wrapped
      034 motorsports 02 sensor spacers
      RS4 clutch,pressure plate,throw out bearing,pilot bearing,flywheel bolts,flywheel surfaced
      034 motorsports track density transmission mounts,street density motor mounts
      Stern front snub mount
      K&N panel filter
      3"stainless vband exhaust from cats back,3" Y-Pipe
      RS4 Front Grill
      18" B6 audi s4 wheels
      8mm h&r wheel spaces all 4 corners
      AWE Motorsports vent boost gauge
      034 motorsports throttle boot
      Apikol rear diff mount
      Sure there are more i am forgetting about

      Maintenance wise:
      Always used Mobil One Full Synthetic every 2500 miles
      *All done at 120k*
      Full timing belt & water pump kit
      Cam tensioner gaskets
      Rear cam plugs
      Valve cover gaskets
      Coolant flush
      New green top coolant temp sensor
      New seconday after-run water pump
      New serpentine belt.
      New right rear wheel bearing
      New Pagid front brake pads

      A couple of minor rock chips on the front bumper from longer trips
      Minor dents&dings, and rashing on the wheels typical of a car that is daily driven
      ABS light is on from the front right speed sensor not working
      Needs an alignment but I plan on getting that done before going through with a deal


      I go to school full time in Bloomington, IL but I am willing to travel to Chicago or other locations within a reasonable distance.

      I would actually prefer to trade then sell. Cars I am interested in are: 20th GTI's, MK4 GLi's, B6 Passats, other VW/Audis (Preferably bagged)

      In terms of sale, I will throw out SOLD

      Feel free to contact me with any and all questions

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    2. 08-06-2012 06:46 PM #2
      Updated info bump!

    3. Member aeproberts21's Avatar
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      Apr 10th, 2007
      Rockville, MD
      1998 A4 Quattro
      08-07-2012 03:51 PM #3
      Didn't see it specifically in the listing.

      K04's? How many miles on those?
      "Never Drive Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly"

    4. Member Smooremin's Avatar
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      Jan 10th, 2006
      Chicago, Il
      '01 Stage 3 B5 S4 Avant,'02 Trailblazer
      08-08-2012 02:53 AM #4
      Quote Originally Posted by patrikman View Post
      Asking OT for relationship advice makes about as much sense as asking TCL what car to buy.

    5. Junior Member G rat GLI's Avatar
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      Jul 21st, 2009
      Madison, WI
      04' R
      08-10-2012 04:21 AM #5
      I live in southern WI and I've been looking at Audi's lately and I'm interested in yours. It has more miles than I'd like but it seems like it has a lot of necessary maintenance done. I have a 04 Reflex Silver R that I have kind of been thinking about selling or trading but I'm not 100 percent on it yet. It has 87,500 on it but I don't know if your looking for an R at all.

    6. 08-10-2012 12:18 PM #6
      It is on K03's. Hence the stage 2+

      PM'd all back!

    7. Member 01mk4wolf's Avatar
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      Jul 29th, 2008
      01 Jetta Wolfsburg, 1992 GMC TYPHOON
      08-13-2012 12:12 AM #7
      I'm looking to trade my gt28rs Jetta with r32 interior for an s4 too bad your not closer ...

    8. Member firhenheit2007's Avatar
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      Feb 14th, 2012
      stage 3 S4 + KO4sold 2007 jetta farhenheit vw mk4 R32
      09-03-2012 12:08 AM #8
      Quote Originally Posted by 01mk4wolf View Post
      I'm looking to trade my gt28rs Jetta with r32 interior for an s4 too bad your not closer ...

      stage 3 s4 + ko4

    9. Member 01mk4wolf's Avatar
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      Jul 29th, 2008
      01 Jetta Wolfsburg, 1992 GMC TYPHOON
      09-08-2012 02:00 AM #9
      Thanks ... Is this car going to be at h20?

    10. 09-10-2012 03:03 PM #10
      Trade 09 Ducati 848 with 3600 miles on it?

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