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    Thread: Wtb mk4 gti

    1. 08-02-2012 10:21 PM #1
      Need some help fellow dubbers.
      I'm looking for a new car for my girl. her jeep just took a dump on her and she's always been in love with a blue mk4 gti perterably stockish, any motor works cuz any of them get better mpg then a jeep lol
      My max is 4000 with a little leaway.
      So if anyone looking to get rid of one hit me up
      425 737 4288
      Thanks Jo.

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    2. 08-14-2012 07:31 PM #2

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    3. Member
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      May 15th, 2012
      Mount Vernon, Wa
      (RIP) 2000 Jetta GLS 1.8t(last) 01 GTI VR6 (current) 89 GLI Helios
      08-18-2012 09:48 AM #3
      You may want to start looking at mk2s if you want a GTI for that price. You'll be pretty hard pressed even finding a MK4 Golf 2.0 with under 200k for 3k. And if you did find it, you would prob have to put 2k into it to keep her going.

    4. Member jiffyjetta's Avatar
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      Mar 13th, 2010
      Beaverton, Or
      MK7 Sportwagen TSI, mk5 GTI Dsg, Nissan hardbody 4x4, HPI Baja 5T
      08-18-2012 03:06 PM #4
      I have a mk4 golf 2.0 with 168k miles. New plates and tags. Reflex silver with black interior, Lowered on a cup kit with long beach wheels new tires 215/40/17. tinted windows (20%) all around. A fantastic stereo with 2 mtx woofers in slim boxes and 1200 watt amp. Just did timing belt and water pump in feb. everything has been professionally installed by me at a shop.
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    5. 08-19-2012 04:00 AM #5
      Yeah I've noticed... lol
      I'll talk to her about it thanks!

    6. Member DubWubWub's Avatar
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      Feb 8th, 2012
      Bothell, WA
      04' DBP R32, 00' GTi VR6(Sold)
      08-20-2012 05:55 PM #6
      Quote Originally Posted by Dub__Life View Post
      Yeah I've noticed... lol
      I'll talk to her about it thanks!
      Hey I have a 2000 Gti Glx Vr6 for sale 167xxx let me know if you would be interested we can talk more details.

    7. 08-23-2012 01:47 AM #7
      Quote Originally Posted by DubWubWub View Post
      Hey I have a 2000 Gti Glx Vr6 for sale 167xxx let me know if you would be interested we can talk more details.
      Hmmm... perhaps not I giant deal if not blue... lol
      But I don't exactly have all the money at this moment but close
      I'm interested in anything

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    8. Member dirtydubin86's Avatar
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      May 6th, 2006
      Puyallup, WA
      08' audi a3, 20th AE bmp #0115, 03' passat wagon 4motion, 92' 4runner
      08-27-2012 01:44 AM #8
      Iv got an 03' gti 1.8t reflex silver. Apr stage one Bilstein cup kit heated black leather. Has about 130xxx runs great but the body could use some lovin. Shoot me a pm if you'd be interested.

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      Quote Originally Posted by plastic_bullet View Post
      Subframe contact to ground reduces bodyroll keep that in mind.

    9. 08-27-2012 04:26 AM #9
      That is an awesome signature!^
      Im sorry to waste ur guys's time but something has come up.... I need to loan money to my mom cuz of my dead beet dad.....
      But thank u all this is why I love the pnw dubbers!
      Ill keep all u in mind when I collect some more money
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