Hey all, not to be "that guy" (I did my fair share of searching the forum) but I'm in need of some advice. I'm coming back from a 1 yr deployment next month and have all this crap for my car waiting at home to be installed.

Just wondering if anyone knows a reputable body shop that is up to 1 hourish away from Mt Laurel, NJ.

Basically, it's all minor stuff really. Just need to put on the Gold Coast body kit (spoiler/side skirt/rear spoiler) for the CC as well as install some DRLs from Achtuning Korea (will need to tap into the fuse box since the DRLs are moved down to where the turn signals are).

I can do all the other little stuff I have waiting for me, but for the time consuming things, I want done by people who know what they are doing and quickly because the AF is moving me to Louisiana in January and there isn't a big Dub scene down there and most of my time back in Jersey will be spent on flying.

From searching, I've come across the now defunct Volkstech/20squared in Burlington, SLAW in Blackwood, Redline Speedworx way up in Washington, R Miller in too far away PA and Rusty's Island in Tom's River. Just wondering if anybody has a preferred place close to me.

Thanks in advance!