VWVortex.com - 09-10 Routan: Warranty Extension for Front Wheel Bearings
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    Thread: 09-10 Routan: Warranty Extension for Front Wheel Bearings

    1. Member MozartMan's Avatar
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      Jul 30th, 2010
      2009 Routan SEL, 2011 Genesis 4.6
      08-03-2012 02:54 PM #1
      Just received letter today.


      Can somebody explain to me how to enable attachments? My posting permissions say that "You may not post attachments".

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    2. n00b corum999's Avatar
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      Apr 2nd, 2010
      1973 VW Superbeetle, 2009 VW Routan, 2013 VW EOS
      08-04-2012 09:46 AM #2
      I just had my front right bearing replaced on our 2009 SEL. It was in bad shape.

      About 6 months ago I had noticed a small grinding/sound that reminded me of past wheel bearing trouble. My Wife brought it in to the dealer to check on the bearings and they brushed off the grind/sound as a "bad tire" on the back of the van. I happened to drive it months later and it was definitely roaring and grinding. They didn't have any problem figuring out the problem when I brought it in at that point.

      I wish that the Routan didn't have some of these common issues like brakes, but we do love it all the same. My Wife is still very happy with the van, and it is the perfect road trip vehicle with kids.

    3. Member early74B's Avatar
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      Feb 18th, 2009
      '15 e-Golf LE, '13 Touareg VR6, '12 Golf R, '14 smart cabrio
      08-05-2012 10:00 AM #3
      As I recieved the very same letter ... perhaps they'll eventually do something post warranty about the brakes as well (Ha!) but you never know. No issues that I can recall for mine and I also went through my past maintenance reciepts and nothing on the wheel bearings. I've had these done on other cars and its something you'll more than likely notice right away due to the unique noise. They must have had more than a few premature failures in order to do this ...

    4. Member
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      Jun 27th, 2007
      58 Ragtop Bug, 2005 Passat Wagon, 2010 Routan SEL
      08-06-2012 09:28 AM #4
      Yep, I got it last week too for our 2010, yes they have had a lot of failures on the Chryco's

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      1958 VW Ragtop Bug
      2005 VW Passat Wagon
      2010 VW Routan SEL

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    5. Member PaulAP's Avatar
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      May 21st, 2009
      2004 MKIV Jetta GLS, 2009 Routan Comfortline 4.0L w/ RSE, 2011 Jetta VI Trendline+
      08-14-2012 05:35 PM #5
      I recently received this letter for my 09 as well, but from VW Canada eh.

      I noticed one particular part.Does this mean that if you have after-market brake rotors that they can deny this warranty extension?

      Also makes you wonder why the bearings would fail...
      Are the overheating factory brakes cooking the bearings?
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