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    Thread: Broken block....options?

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      Apr 18th, 2012
      Olympia, WA
      '93 EV
      08-03-2012 07:35 PM #1
      This is a very long story, made somewhat less long....

      My EV overheated. Water in the oil, so I thought I blew a head gasket. I pulled the head, had it resurfaced, pressure tested, new valve guides installed, all valves reground, stem seals....the whole bit. Put it back together with a new gasket (obviously), and bolts. It won't start

      Checked the timing: good. Checked the fuel pump: good. Did a compression test and got: 80, 60, 160, 90, 170

      While doing the compression test, I realized that every time my brother would crank the engine, I'd hear water dripping somewhere in the engine compartment. It sounded kinda like pouring a little bit of water into a glass. I came to the realization that my oil pan is filling with water, and as such I've further come to the realization that I probably have a cracked block.

      So, my delima....

      I've got a lot of money into the van, and had planned to sell it due to a job change. The way it sits though it's obviously worth a fraction of what it would be worth running, so I don't want to just dump it.

      I looked for a motor on Craigslist. Nothing. I checked Car-part.com, and the only thing in my area was $750 and a four hour round trip drive. I checked for a block...$295, and a ten hour round trip drive.

      As it just so happens, I was at the dealer a couple weeks ago getting some parts, and the parts guy says "Yeah, that's a good motor, and that new 2.5 is almost identical." So I check, and there's several near me, both the CBTA and the CBUA, complete motors, in the $700 +/- range, low miles, compression tested.

      I know "almost identical" can mean lots of things, but I'm trying to figure out my best option for this van. Being that it's my first EV, I'm not up to date on all the engine possibilities. I know there are TDI swaps being done, but that seems too involved for me without a donor car. Is the newer 2.5 a viable option, or was the parts guy way off base?

      Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    2. 08-04-2012 03:06 PM #2
      I'd worry about engine mountings the most. That can make the job crazy difficult.

      If that works out, might not be a bad idea but will it bolt up to your head?

      If you're doing the whole motor, you have the difficulty of the electrical system (entirely different). You also may have the technicality that it's now a OBD2 vehicle as far as emissions are concerned.

      And also in any case, will the trans bolt up?

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