Up for sale is my 1993 Audi s4. It's pearl white on black interior and carbon fiber trim. I've owned this car for two years and 25,000 miles. I've thoroughly enjoyed it but I'm ready to move on to something new. It currently has 164,000. The car is in good shape but shows some wear for being 20 years old. The pearl paint has some flaws - a few chips, swirls, and scratches. Interior is in great shape - recaro's are holding up well. The bolsters have light wear and a small tear in the drivers seat. Overall, it's a solid car and an absolute blast to drive.

Maintenance under my ownership:
Plugs (F5DP0R)
Clutch - slave, master, seals
Fuel Filter
Oil every 5k
Ignition switch
Ignition Tumbler
Driver strut mount
Lower control arms
Rear doors mid trim
Fuel Pump Relay

Some of the previous owner's maintenance:
Lower radiator hose
Right Rear Diff Seal
Diff Fluid
Heater Hose "T" fitting
Parking brake cables
Front and Rear Brake Hoses
Valve Cover Gasket
Repack rear cv's
External Temp Gauge

If I were to keep the car I would address the following issues:

A few of the interior bulbs are burnt out (seat heaters)
I've never used the fob - I was told it just needs new batteries but it never bothered me
Driver heated seat is inoperable
Headliner is sagging
Blower motor chirps occasionally
Ac needs a recharge
T-belt due
Mismatched paint - front fender replaced by PO after it was clipped by a snow plow
Front passenger fender is rusting behind the arch
Some of the exterior trim is starting to show it's age

I love the car but it's time for her to go. The car is available for showing in Central Massachusetts. Asking $4000 and no, I don't want to trade for your used sofa or 1986 rice burner wiff rims. However, I am open to reasonable offers.

You can check out pictures here:

The best way to reach me is at alexmackay11@gmail.com

Thanks for looking!