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    Thread: Robot Heads - In A Jar !

    1. 08-04-2012 10:00 PM #1
      These are not merely robot heads in jars. I feel I need to put this work into context. Additionally, these are typically not my usual kind of media, concept, or approach. So, kinda lengthy, but I feel necessary and it might even be interesting:

      These were a result of an evolution of ideas. I am an art teacher, and in the past I have engaged my students in making paper robots. They are made from form templates such as cubes, cylinders, and prisms, etc. They plan and paint the templates, cut them, glue them, assemble them, and then incorporate found objects such as springs, buttons, screws, watch batteries, etc. Their is a number of specific criteria, the most important being that the robot must be unified through color, pattern, etc.

      I took another group of students to the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore. We saw the Chamber of Wonders. The concept behind that installation is the culture of rich European collectors of natural and cultural objects through the 1500 - 1800's. Shells, rocks, coral, insects, and even entire specimens were gathered from around the world and placed on display in private collections. The installation is a replica of such a private collection as it would appear historically. The show is absolutely fascinating. There is an incredible book called Cabinets of Curiosities, which is great resource for anyone interested. Here is the Wikipedia link for a quick overview of these types of collections: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cabinet_of_curiosities

      So, as a result of the experience and as a way to enrich and enhance the experience the students made their own "curiosities." These were constructed from clay and wire and painted. The curiosities were insects, lizards, turtles, etc. Some were absolutely believable as actual specimens. To emphasize the spirit of these collectors, the specimens were placed into jars. The results were fascinating. Some of the best sculptures were placed on display at the museum to compliment the collection.

      As a result of making robot sculptures with the kids, I began making some of my own. I have sold some on Etsy. Inspired by the Walter's collection and the work of my students, I thought it would be an interesting concept to construct some robot heads and place them in jars. The heads are small, made from folded and painted paper templates, embellished with found objects such as old fax machine parts, brass brads, rubber gaskets, etc., and placed in jars with painted lids.

      At this point they are only in jars - I may attach paper tags with short descriptions using string tied around the necks of the jars to enhance the "specimen" concept. I am entering the two I am showing in this thread into a gallery show, but I will be placing them for sale on Etsy afterwards if they do not sell at the gallery. I plan on making a series of these, and I may sell those as well.

      Anyway, here are some images. The single image of the blue robot head is awful, sorry! Enjoy:

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      Pretty cool man !

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