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    Thread: 1983 Volkswagen Turbo Diesel issues... Help

    1. 08-05-2012 01:20 PM #1
      New to this whole forum thing but figured I would give it a shot and see if anybody might know what or how to fix these problems.

      First, the windshield wipers get stuck just a couple degrees after they start to move. I can hear the motor being caught up but still trying to work. I'm assuming it needs a new wiper motor.
      I have found places to get the replacement motor but I'm not sure how to put it in and am a little cautious to order the part before I know.

      Also, the blinkers aren't working. I don't think it is the bulbs because its both front and back blinkers that went out and they all went out the same time. All brake lights and everything else wiring wise is good. I know wiring can be a hard issue to work out, but wondering if somebody could point me in the right direction to getting it fixed... preferably without having to take it to a mechanic and pay lots of $$$.
      Thanks, any help is appreciated!

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      08-05-2012 03:21 PM #2
      I'd look at your fuse block and see how that looks. If there was ever a windshield leak, those blocks tend to get corroded and cause issues. You will also want to check out the mk1 forum here, and probably also vwdiesel.net.

      Is this a factory TD? Jetta or Rabbit?
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    3. 08-06-2012 11:35 AM #3
      Thanks for the help. It is a Rabbit.
      I'll check the fuses for sure. I do remember seeing some water droplets at the top of the windshield, so it might be leaking.

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