I am purchasing a brand spankin' new VW transporter TDI. No. I'm not bringing it from Europe, they sell them here at the dealer in México.

I will be using it for long family trips and weekend ecotourism journeys.

My question is what is the biggest rim and tire combination I can put on without a lift kit?

And is there a lift kit or something I can do to give it more clearance? I read somewhere that if the lift is beyond 3cm there are some problems with the differential. Any body know bout this and how can I correct it?

I would have loved to order a 4motion package, but that is not available here in México.

I wil be doing some light off roading.

Any insight will be greatly apreciated.

I have already posted this thread in the TDIclub and the T5uk forum with some nice recommendations, I think some of you could probably make some too.


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