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    Thread: headbolt advice

    1. Awaiting Email Confirmation PoorMansPorsche's Avatar
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      Nov 9th, 2001
      93slc, 15C400
      08-05-2012 05:35 PM #1
      Looking for advice from the gurus as ill probably only get a few tries on this one. half way through the headgasket change (love that theres still crosshatching at 130k)

      snapped the bolt (during removal ), got the head off. drilled down and in went the extractor. PB blastered a few days ago...map gas on the workbench just in case....

      heres a pic:

      Ryobi extractor comes with a square head and im wondering if there might be a better one i should pick up because adjustables (which are the only thing that can fit), seem to not have enough grab and dont seem to have an exact metric (or standard) size.

      any advice would be tremendous right now.


    2. Member James 93SLC's Avatar
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      Sep 27th, 2000
      NE Ohio
      93 Corrado - 91 Vanagon VR6 Carat
      08-06-2012 11:41 PM #2
      Got access to or know someone with a mig welder?
      I'd try mig welding a nut to the top of the stud and then trying to back her out. The concentrated intense heat of the mig will help break it loose.

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