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    Thread: Staggered 17" Rondell 58's. 17x8.5, 17x10. Low offsets.

    1. 08-05-2012 06:26 PM #1
      Hey everyone, I'm selling my staggered set of Rondell 58.

      These wheels need work. They are curbed, nicked, and one has a bend that should be straightened. Yes, you can drive on the bend, but it vibrated on my car at 60mph+. There is a silicone around one of the valve stems, but it does not leak. The valve stem is new.

      Overall condition is probably a 5/10. I just want to be as upfront as possible. Centercaps included.

      With that said, these are great for refinishing or track purposes! If I can't get what I want out of them, I'll do just that!


      17x8.5 et13
      17x10 et15
      74.1 hub bore

      NO TIRES. I will have them dismounted when they sell. You will receive the wheels as shown below.

      $585 shipped, $500 picked up

      Link to my Flickr for additional pictures.

      You can see the bend below:

      If I don't respond on here, e-mail me at:

    2. 08-06-2012 09:42 AM #2

    3. Member dano17's Avatar
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      Aug 23rd, 2008
      Mohrsville, Pa
      Ballin 328i
      08-07-2012 04:30 PM #3
      Holy nut sack I want these!

      But to keep it on topic, is it obo or firm on shipped price?

    4. Member D-rock11's Avatar
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      Oct 25th, 2009
      Lancaster, PA
      BMW e34 525i
      08-08-2012 04:03 PM #4
      where you located?

    5. 08-10-2012 07:20 PM #5
      Quote Originally Posted by dano17 View Post
      Holy nut sack I want these!

      But to keep it on topic, is it obo or firm on shipped price?
      Thanks a lot! Those RH's are my children

      I'm taking offers!

      Quote Originally Posted by D-rock11 View Post
      where you located?
      Sorry, my location is Carrollton, Georgia. About 40 miles west of Atlanta.

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