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    Thread: big big problem need help fast!

    1. 08-06-2012 08:15 AM #1
      Hey guys so like I said I've got a pretty big problem. The last two nights on my way home from work I was driving up the mountain I live on and all the sudden my 76 started to bog wa down and cut out in 4th gear. I downshifted to 3rd and it went for a few hundred feet and then did the same thing.....so I ended up riding the berm the rest of the way in second gear just to make it home.....Idk what the problem could be so any suggestions will be extremely helpful!

    2. Member allklrnoflr's Avatar
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      08-06-2012 08:21 AM #2
      sounds like fuel delivery problems, check filter. what carb, carbs do you have. if you have pict carb may need to be cleaned or rebuilt.

    3. 08-06-2012 06:19 PM #3
      mine is fuel injected, and i figured it might be a fuel issue so i bought a new fuel filter and ran some fuel system cleaner through it....unfortunately i never made it home in order to change the filter. Now i have bigger problems.

      It did the same as before where i lost power and then it started to smoke inside the car real bad and the car shut off. I pulled over to find a ton of smoke and oil on everything. Thinking i probably just blew it up i called my dad and he towed me back home...after the car sat and cooled down i started to clean the oil from underneath the engine and out of sheer curiosity i tried to start it up again. It started up and ran just like it always does but now its got a pretty healthy knock to it.

      I think i can either rebuild the one i have or try to find a carb motor to install....what do you think?
      I know it wont be cheap either way but id like the way that i have to spend the least amount of money.

    4. Member Jade Wombat's Avatar
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      08-07-2012 03:35 PM #4
      You can do either, rebuild or put a rebuilt unit in there. There is very little difference between a carbed 1600 and FI one, the only thing is the later cylinder heads have a boss in them for the temperature II sensor which threads in there. Looks like this:


      If you decide to rebuild, just don't do anything too extensive on modifying the engine. L-jet injection doesn't like a lot of overlap, you could have some very mild headwork done and an Engle 100 camshaft or 1.25 rockers but not both. Straight cut gears are OK as well.

      If you still think there is a running issue with fuel pressure, the only way to be sure is to hook up a fuel gauge and watch the fuel pressure as it runs. Good luck.

    5. Member LooseNuts's Avatar
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      08-07-2012 04:01 PM #5
      probably the points or condenser going out
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    6. 08-11-2012 12:47 PM #6
      Well i decided to go ahead and rebuild it, i was dead set against it at first but the more i thought about it the more i figured its provably my best bet. So this week im gonna pull the motor and take it to my dads where i can tear into. Once i figure out what parts i need i can start the ordering and rebuilding process.

      I also think im gonna add a few new gauges to the car, fuel pressure, oil pressure, and a temp gauge. That way im not just flying blind everytime i drive the car. I`ll get some pictures up of the car and the progress once i get started.

    7. 09-29-2012 09:47 AM #7
      hey guys its been a little while since ive been on so i figured id stop in with an update and a few questions. I had the motor redone, it torched a piston so bad the rings melted and fused with the piston! but i had the bottom end done and got new jugs. I also had the cam and lifters replaced cause they were pretty worn, and i had the seals and o-rings for the injectors replaced (when i pulled the motor the injectors literally just fell out of the intakes, i think that had a lot to do with what happened).

      Now the motor is real strong and real smooth and it sounds great im definitely glad i spent the money to have it done. but now im having a weird problem that kinda reminds me of idle surge. When its idling and when im driving the rpms will fluctuate. Whats really odd is that when it idles up it feels like something is forcing the car to slow down, it'll actually pull you forward in the seat when it does it. Im gonna throw another computer in it today and see what happens, maybe it'll change it but if anyone has any ideas im definitely open to suggestions.

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