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    Thread: B+G S3 Speed Sensitive Coilovers for a Quattro TT $450

    1. 08-06-2012 07:53 PM #1
      THREAD CLOSED! These are sold. Thanks all.

      Up for sale is a great deal on my B+G S3 Speed Sensitive Coilovers. They look great and work great. These coilovers are very rare nowadays especially since many manufactures no longer make all the cool stuff they did for our TT's as they did when there was a larger after-market sector a few years back. The technology behind these is pretty cool, and pretty much goes after the "I wish Koni FSDs were a lot more sportive crowd". These coilovers dampen according to your speed and road conditions, I believe the shock takes input according to frequency of oscillations that it gets as you are driving and the dampening is automatically adjusted from there. I found the coilovers to be about on par with H&R for stiffness. I refinished the coilovers and their springs from the original boring silver to a much sexier and resistant rubberized black to cover up some of the peeling of the original spring paint and to have them match B+Gs newest RS3 line of coilovers.

      2 Font springs & shocks
      2 Front spring plates, helper coils, and helper coil mounts
      2 Rear springs &shocks
      2 Rear perches

      Things you should know (i.e. why your getting such a great deal besides the fact that I'm a nice guy)
      * As pictured in pic#3, a metal bushing one of the rear shocks is missing. Best option is to just transfer the insert from your old OEM shock. Otherwise, a machine shop could easily mill one matched to the other shock's specs or, a mechanic could probably cut something to fit and press it in.
      * I no longer have the perch adjustment wrenches (my tool chest was stolen out of my moving truck). Any perch spanner wrench should work avail. at ECS for $20 and prob. cheaper elsewhere, otherwise the coilovers are set for about an inch to half an inch of wheel gap on my TT as pictured below

      Missing bushing insert on one of the rear struts

      One of the chipped paint areas

      Installed on my car

      The description from B+G is:
      B+G S3 coilovers are designed and produced exclusively by World Class Motorsports Technicians. Designed for street driving and occasional track use, each application combines race proven technology with the vehicle's unique design characteristics for the ultimate in ride and handling. Featuring B+G's exclusive Speed Sensitive™ technology, each Coilover System incorporates monotube gas charged shocks with dual springs perched on a fully threaded shock body. B+G Coilovers allow you to dial in height adjustment for the perfect combination of aggressive stance and enhanced handling, without the teeth rattling ride associated with other Coilover Systems.

      * Ride height adjustment from 1 to 3 inches lower than stock
      * Dual spring design perched on monotube gas charged dampers
      * Low bleed system to maintain ride quality and eliminate the harsh ride associated with other Coilover Systems
      * Proprietary speed sensitive mechanism automatically adjusts dampening for improved handling during high speed or aggressive driving condition
      Last edited by sonus; 09-27-2012 at 10:03 PM.

    2. 08-09-2012 11:17 AM #2
      I updated pics, as some were having trouble seeing them. Please let me know if there are still any issues.

      Also, to answer a more common question, no, the coilovers are not spun all the way down in any of the pictures. There's enough adjustability to completely eliminate wheel gap if you so desire (In the pics and pics of my car there's over an inch of front end adjustability to go, and the rears have maybe .5 inches to over an inch if you don't use the perches.

    3. 08-12-2012 03:42 PM #3
      Here are a few shots of how they sat on my 19s, as well as my 18s. As to shipping quotes, I'm actually boarding a cruise as we speak, so I won't be able to supply shipping quotes until I return on the 20th. My apologies. however if you wish to get an estimate my zip is NY 10607, and the box would be around 50lbs.

      So once again I'm out of town until the 20th, so I'll answer all questions when I get back.

    4. 08-22-2012 10:19 AM #4
      I'm interested. Still have these?

    5. 08-28-2012 05:04 PM #5
      Yes, these are still available. I am back in town as well, so I can once again handle all questions and requests. Local is best, but I have no qualms shipping. I have a few offers, but nothing concrete just yet.

    6. Member V-GTI-R's Avatar
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      08-28-2012 11:21 PM #6
      Pm sent
      "I begin with an idea and then it becomes something else" ...Picasso

    7. 08-29-2012 12:44 AM #7
      PM replied.

    8. Junior Member sidvitious's Avatar
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      Oct 6th, 2010
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      08-29-2012 09:55 PM #8
      pm'd with info. just want to make sure you got it. thanks.

    9. Member dmitry88's Avatar
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      Apr 26th, 2006
      1981 Jetta Coupe VR6, 2005.5 Jetta, 2001 Audi TT
      09-13-2012 06:19 PM #9
      Hey I'm interested can you txt me at 8624328122?

    10. Member
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      Nov 13th, 2009
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      09-20-2012 11:44 PM #10
      How do these ride compared to stock? I have Neuspeeds and Koni Sport struts and little to stiff for my taste. Really serious about going to something that rides smoother. With Coils does it ride better set higher?
      Last edited by Arnolds64; 09-20-2012 at 11:49 PM.

    11. 09-27-2012 10:09 PM #11
      Quote Originally Posted by Arnolds64 View Post
      How do these ride compared to stock? I have Neuspeeds and Koni Sport struts and little to stiff for my taste. Really serious about going to something that rides smoother. With Coils does it ride better set higher?
      I never had stock, these ride similar to H&Rs. They are excellent on suburban roads, and amazing in the curves, however like any more track oriented suspension bumpy roads are not their forte. As to your other question, yes, dynamics do change as you set coils higher, especially if you were riding on/near your bump stops. However, if you are not riding on/near your bump stops, the biggest determinants of ride comfort are spring rate and shock dampening. Overall, if you just want to be lowered and want the softest most oem like ride instead of a stiffer sports ride, I would go with Koni FSDs and Eibach springs.

      Ohh, and these are sold!

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