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    Thread: Feeding speaker wire for in-ceiling speakers

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      Sep 10th, 2011
      08-07-2012 11:58 AM #1
      Was wondering how hard would it be to feed speaker wire for an in-ceiling speaker. Is this soemthing that i can tackle or is it best to get an electrician/handy man? The wall were the wire will come from is an exterior wall, so i'm aware of the fire blocks.

      Because of how my living room is designed, i have no left wall (open to dining room) and no rear wall and therefore can only do in-ceiling i want a true 5.1.

      The other option is to get a surroundbar that will simulate a 5.1. The only problem with this is that since i lack so many walls, i'm afraid it won't sound as good and pretty much lose all of its surround sound effectiveness. I also have 9ft ceilings and cathedral ceilings in my dining room. This makes it very echo-ie.

      Any input/suggestions would be appreciated.


    2. 08-08-2012 05:06 PM #2
      Hire a CEDIA member (there is a service you can use on their site where you put in your zip code and it gives you a listing) to run the wiring for you.

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