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    Thread: TyrolSport Rigid Collars

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      08-07-2012 01:51 PM #1
      The VW/Audi Mk5/Mk6 chassis has had an issue since early on with clunking noises associated with loose and shifting front subframes. VWAG issued a Technical Service Bulletin and provided a hardware repair to rectify the issue. To the dismay of many enthusiasts, the repair was not able to definitively rectify the subframe movement. Enthusiasts who drove their cars to the limit in various environments reported subframe movement and noise over rough terrain or in track/AutoX environments.

      TyrolSport sought to solve this issue by developing and testing a hardware solution for the most demanding of enthusiasts. After years of testing on the street and track, we are now ready to release our DeadSet Collar kit for Audi/VW Mk5/Mk6 chassis vehicles including:

      Skoda mk5/mk6
      Seat mk5/mk6

      If you have clunking in your front end over bumps that has not been resolved through traditional parts replacement(upper strut bushings, bearings, tie rods, ball joints), the DeadSet Collar kit could be the soilution. One of the ways you can tell if your subframe is shifting is by looking at the bolt heads and seeing if there is any indication of movement. In this picture you can see some chafing and polished area where the subframe has moved:

      Once the bolt is removed you can also see that it was off center, by looking at the shadow created by the head of the bolt:

      One of the reasons the subframe shifts is because the mounting bore of the subframe is much larger than the actual bolt which holds it in place. Here we can see the large clearance between the subframe mounting boss and the fastener.

      In order to eliminate the possibility of the subframe shifting, we need to reduce the bore size(s) of the subframe. We can do this by installing locating collars which center the bolt in place, and lock the subframe to the chassis of the vehicle.

      TyrolSport supplies an ARP fastener that was specidically developed for this application. It maintains the factory shear in an accident, yet increases tensile strength dramatically. Here we see that it is located on center with the DeadSet collars.

      The subframe back in place with the DeadSet installed and bolts waiting to be tightened:

      The complete TyrolSport DeadSet Collar Kit includes 12 collars, two ARP bolts(choice of Hot Black Oxide or Stainless Steel) and anti-seize compound.

      Installation directions can be found here:
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      11-16-2012 02:33 PM #2
      Have you all tried these on a TDI?

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      Mar 4th, 1999
      New Yawk
      Mk6 GolfR, Q7 4.2, G60 Corrado, 5.0 Fox, '55 Roadmaster, R52 JCW
      02-15-2016 08:11 AM #3

      TyrolSport Product Line Group Buy:
      We have decided to launch their 2016 group buy with 10% off and free shipping for their entire line of TyrolSport products to help customers prepare for the upcoming street/track season. Follow their order instructions on the group buy forum threads below.
      Vortex: http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthrea...Buy&p=93284297

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