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    Thread: cams for n-a 1.8t ?

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      Sep 27th, 2010
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      08-07-2012 08:28 PM #1
      Hi ! i am currently running a mild modded 1.8 16v with webers cams and rods etc ..

      i am looking to buy a 1.8t big port engine to make my new naturally aspirated setup, my qustion is, is there anyone that make wild cams (somewhere like my 276's in my 16v ) also could i reuse my forged rods and arp main stud , and what about the manifold, do i need to have one custom made or someone is already manking one for itb-carbs .. same thing about pistons..

      one more thing.. would this be possible to fit the aeb head on my 1.8 16v ? it would safe me a lots of effort..

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      Aug 7th, 2004
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      08-07-2012 08:56 PM #2
      for hydraulic setup there are cat 267/280 kent makes 293/295 and a few smaller. Int drag cams are also a somewhat decent size. you can reuse the internals. extradabody makes manifolds for their throttle bodies and some of the other companies might has well. i build my from a cut lower. JE can make custom pistons as they have for a few people and wossner makes off the shelf. any piston manufacture can make with proper specs. the AEB head will fit on 16v but you will need to plug some oil galleys on the head. other option is you used AEB block or newer style 06x block.

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      08-12-2012 08:02 AM #3
      the cams from Integrated Engineering work quite well ( there street/strip cams)

      and as far as manifolds go, I have an extra one if you are interested.

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