Hi all,

I have retrofitted memory to the driver's seat plus the electric steering column. AFAIK, I have coded everything correctly and the seat now remembers its position correctly and so does the steering column. The seat also moves back when I try to get out of the car and moves back forward once I get in and close the door.

The one thing I can't seem to be able to make work is memory of the exterior rear-view mirrors. I checked the motors in the wing mirrors and they are the correct versions for mirrors with memory (as I have Side Assist). I checked the cabling from the mirrors to the driver door control unit and this is also OK. The door control units are the correct version for memory mirrors. I am at a loss as I cannot find anything that would be wrong, yet my mirrors don't remember their position with the seat and steering column.

I checked the Measuring Block Values of the seat control unit and over several channels, it shows the number values for positions of all motors (seat longitude, height, rake, backrest, lumbar and steering column) but not the mirrors.

There must be something I am missing - coding I guess but not sure which unit is to be coded. The seat control unit has no coding AFAIK. The door control unit cannot be accessed over CAN as it only acts as slave for the Comfort ECU. The Comfort ECU only shows two options in coding - roof and tailgate, both of which are coded ok.

Is anyone able to help?