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    Thread: Window Regulator Question

    1. Member
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      Dec 5th, 2003
      Cleveland, Ohio
      2002 Passat GLX Wagon (2.8L V6 "ATQ")
      08-08-2012 01:11 PM #1
      It looks like I am going to have to replace my front driver's side power window regulator soon - it is making a bad sound when i power the window down and also the window glass seems to be loose and clunking when I close the door with the window partially or all the way down. These may be two separate issues. I think the motor itself is fine.

      In looking at replacement window regulators I see two options. The lower cost option ($50-70) is to just by the regulator cable/pulley/gear assembly.

      Like this:


      But I also see options to buy that assembly pre-installed on the metal door plate that it attaches to:


      So, my question is, once I have the door apart and the glass out, is it relatively easy to install a new cable/pulley/gear regulator assembly, or would I be better off buying a pre-installed regulator on a new metal plate?

      Note, I know how to take the door apart as I have done this before to change out the door lock/latch module.

      Thank you.

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      Jun 24th, 2003
      Marlboro MA
      1981 Rabbit 'S', 2000 Passat GLX-4Mo Variant, 2004.5 Passat 1.8T 5Sp 4-Mo Sedan
      08-08-2012 05:11 PM #2
      Looking at the same repair job on my son' 2000 GLX Wagon, bought the replacement unit from
      1AAuto which is significantly less than ECS and was here in 1 day. Free Shipping, BTW
      They have a nice Video Tutorial on their website on how to do this, including tools needed so It really
      does not look that hard, you have drill rivets out that hold the speaker in the 'plate' and replace with
      screws. The Driver Door is much more complex as it has all the wiring for controls and such
      Good Luck

    3. Member
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      Dec 5th, 2003
      Cleveland, Ohio
      2002 Passat GLX Wagon (2.8L V6 "ATQ")
      08-20-2012 09:58 AM #3

      I installed a new window regulator yesterday. I went with the unit from 1AAuto that bundespassat recommended - thank you.

      Upon dis-assembly, I found one of the plastic clips was broken

      The OEM window regulator rails are riveted to the metal panel, so I am glad I bought the window regulator pre-installed onto the metal panel.

      Had to drill out the rivets on the speaker to remount the speaker to the new panel.

      I did not have to remove the door lock/latch assembly.

      It took several hours, but in the end it was a complete success.

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