My apologies if this shouldn't go in this sub-forum.

I just recently picked up a 2010 Eos. I am absolutely in love with this car. It's my first Volkswagen, and also my first convertible. I am really enjoying the 6-speed and the TSI engine, and the top of course is just awesome.

I have two questions, that are not really specific to the Eos.

1) I have some questions about the MDI. It seems to be providing charge current to my device (I have my old iPhone 3GS plugged in there, in airplane mode). However, it charges very slowly. On Monday, I drove from Grand Rapids, MI to Ann Arbor, MI (130 miles) and back -- so I did 4.5 hours of driving that day -- and at the end of the day my 3GS had 18% battery. With the car charger or the iPod integration system in my Mazda6, it would have been much higher than that (probably full charge -- I did not really have problems with it dying in the Mazda). Is this normal? It seems like I'd have to take it home and charge it in the house at night, because it's going to be dead all the time in the car if it's getting that little charge (a separate issue is that my old 3GS seems to drain a lot in airplane mode, vs. what I'm used to, but in this case, with that much driving, it should not have been nearly dead).

2) My Eos has the Premium VIII touchscreen audio. I understand (ridiculous, to me) that without the RNS-510 Nav system, there is very limited integration between the touchscreen and the bluetooth, outside of the little phone icon showing up when on a call. The MFD also really isn't integrated with the bluetooth. It appears to have the 9W3 bluetooth module (has voice activated commands, does not seem to do A2DP). This website mentions that, in the 2010 Jetta, a code modification can be used to get MFD integration with bluetooth. Is this true for the 2010 Eos also? Will dealers do this code change under warranty? The car still has its original bumper-to-bumper warranty for a little while yet. Also the phone button on the steering wheel doesn't work like the button on any other bluetooth device -- I should be able to initiate SIRI voice activation of the phone (which is a lot more flexible than VW's voice activation) by button press, but in my VW, I have to press the button on the phone itself (after that, I can do SIRI via the car audio).

Also, I'm interested in retrofitting a 9W7 so I can stream audio from my iPhone 4S (which might negate issue 1 above). I understand that I need a 9W7 module and also a wire harness that supplies stereo audio (since the harness on the 9W3 is mono audio). When I look on eBay, 9W7 modules are available at very reasonable prices -- $100-150. However, all the ones that come with wire harnesses are crazy, like $270-350. The wire harness has to be a $2.00 part. Is there some place to get just the wire harness? Can I order these parts directly from VW service at the dealer, and/or if I buy a 9W7 module without the harness, is there a source to get the harness?

Thank you if anyone has suggestions! I really love my VW so far!